Sunday, January 28, 2018

Our Guest Today is Scarlet Braden #OurAuthorGang

Please join me in welcoming author Scarlett Braden.

Scarlett Braden ran away from her secret monochomatic life in the United States and escaped to the colorful town of Cuenca, Ecuador. Her life is now prismacolor; kinda like her hair, and no longer secret. She began writing and realized that's where all the voices in her head came was characters waiting for her to tell their stories. It drives her a little crazy that they won't tell her the whole story before she begins typing, but she's learning to keep tranquilo and let them have their say. She spent most of her life not being able to tell a lie (to save her soul), to being a professional liar: the kind of liar that makes up stories. You never know if what she's telling you is the truth or fiction...or if what you say next may find its way into the pages of her next novel or in the stanza of a poem.

Scarlett's new release, LYRICS OF A TRANSCENDENTAL LOVE, will be available sometime in January.

Scarlett loves hearing from her readers and may be reached: