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World building in Science Fiction part 1

There are 2 major questions that I get as a science fiction author:
  1. Where do you get your ideas?
  2. How do you create such a vivid world?
Now the first question is one that authors have been asked for as long as there has been publishing.
“Every artist gets asked the question, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ The honest artist answers, ‘I steal them.’” – Austin Kleon
"From the Idea-of-the-Month Club"  - Neil Gaiman 
"Poughkeepsie.- Harlan Ellison 
 Now for me the where and how do I build my world are intertwined.

So I will try to explain. I looked at current communications technology and the sudden push into wearables. This got me to thinking about what is possible in a wearable and then what impact it could have on society. So from my concept notes:
Personal comms/ net  
Most people have built-in small personal communicator that allows them to communicate and surf the internet with data coming up on retinal implants can provide “heads up display as well as video feed and recording. They also can get full data net access the same way. Wrist pads offer external recording option for when you want to be seen when talking to someone and for holographic displays of data etc. Wrist pads are personalized to look like bracelets, sports bands, old style smart watches, gauntlets etc. Most have basic AI / personal assistant (Siri grown up) 

Ok, so that is the tech, but unless you are into communications technology this will leave you feeling something is missing. So rather than tell it this way in the story, I got to thinking how it would affect society (think about what the car did to society).

             Social side effects:
An always connected intelligence has led to a reduction of personal attacks and reduced problems like rape due to the ability of the semi intelligent devices recording and broadcasting full 3d holograms in real-time to the police, but also the medical state of the victim – preventing the claims of the person asking for it or liking it. The recordings with GPS locations lead to an almost 100% conviction rate that led to a steady decline in violent crimes. It also had the side effect of increasing the legal establishments for those who prefer violent or non-standard behaviors (not just sex) where the employees are either personally enjoying it or good actors who have “signed up” for these acts for quite a high pay.
Some of these effects are suddenly being debated in terms of the auto-call feature in the new iWatch and the rights of police responding to enter without an warrant.

So now I have an interesting future tech, an idea about how it will affect people and how they will interact with it. This leaves the rest of the world.

I chose our Solar System, but you can choose any world or place you want.

In my next installment, I will explain how I build it from the "ground up."

If you want to read about how other authors build their worlds, I do a weekly blog interview at  where you can find many authors discussing the worlds in their novels.

Photos of 2 works by  Lissanne Lake that are hanging on my wall.

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The New Member of #OurAuthorGang

A New Face in the Hood
P.J. Mann

There are always mixed feelings when I am asked to introduce myself. On the one hand, it makes me eager to tell something about me and all the aspects of my life, on the other hands, there are so many things to say that it is difficult to choose what it is important to tell and what it is better to discard. Summaries have always been my weakness.
Nevertheless, I will start with the basics and starting with my name, Paula, proudly given by my father whose name was Gianpaolo, as a legacy.  
In my life, there are mainly three things that I treasure; loyalty, honesty, and silence.
I work full time as a geologist and sometimes my working schedule can be quite crazy, I might get the next flight to a working site with a few hours' notice, just the time to reach home, grab some clothes, and reach the airport, from where I call my husband informing that I won’t be home for dinner.

During the free time, I write psychological thrillers, which considering my lifestyle, sounds quite natural. The way I love to relax and find peace of mind is spending my time in the forest. Living in Finland means that the forest is just behind the corner, even if you are living in the middle of the capital, Helsinki.

I have a passion for traveling. I have just reached my first milestone of 50 countries visited, and my list is still quite long. So far, my favorite continent is Africa for the sceneries, the people and their heritage. Not to talk about the feeling of freedom I get every time I jump out of the plane. I keep a blog about those experiences together with other personal considerations, so if you want and check it out, here is the link:

My novels are very much inspired by my travels, and the people I get to know. They all have interesting stories to tell, and I always find the way to insert them into my books. 
Another passion is photography, I believe that this is another way to tell a story and one image can be worth more than thousands of words and can tell a thousand stories. Somehow, I consider it a way to complement my writing by telling my story through the lens of a camera.

About my books and my audience, I have tried to envision many times the ideal reader who would enjoy my books. Therefore, if you are an adult person who likes movies like “The shutter island,” and “Inception,” if you are interested in being challenged by different points of view, also the ones of the villain, then you are much likely going to enjoy my novels. 

For me writing is also a way to get deeper into human nature and feelings, it is a way to know better myself and the rest of the world. Being an introvert, this is also a way to communicate my feelings to the rest of the world.

You can find my books for sale on Amazon following the link of my author page:
For more information about ongoing giveaways, deals, and offers, you can follow me on my website:

You can also follow me on Facebook: 

Or why not? Joining my amazing group of subscribers to my Newsletter and find out something more about being an indie author. As a welcome gift, you will get the first 77 pages(!) of my award-winning novel “A Tale of a Rough Diamond.”

I really hope you enjoyed reading this small introduction about me, and see you soon either on social media or on my next Newsletter.
Have a great day!
Paula J. Mann
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Spirit Visitations #OurAuthorGang

Spirit Visitations by Lorraine Carey
Many have witnessed what they claim to believe are the spirits of their deceased loved ones making a visit. And it doesn’t have to be in the form of a ghost. A spirit can make a connection as a poltergeist, odor, noise, feeling or visitations in dreams. It’s not just during a dark, stormy night that brings out the best of them; however, weather does play a factor in aiding a spirit to travel. Some even believe that a spirit can take the form of a Nomad, which goes back to ancient Inuit legends.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can, however, be transferred from one place to another and from one form to another.  Weather is caused by a transfer of energy. The earth is constantly keeping a balance between the solar radiation energy coming through the atmosphere from the sun, and what is bouncing off the earth and back into space. If paranormal entities use energy to manifest, then it seems reasonable to believe that fluctuations in weather conditions could possibly affect the level of paranormal activity at a location. 

No matter what form a spirit decides to take to pay us a visit, I will share with you one account I had shortly after the death of my parents.

October of 2009 had been a tragic time for me with the death of both of my beloved parents. My mother had preceded my father in death by three weeks. You just had to know this couple to see how much they were in love. Those who knew them called them ‘Lovebirds’. They were joined at the hip and were soul mates for sure. My father depended on my mother for everything. We hear often that one cannot live without the other and how in many cases one partner will pass shortly after their mate dies.

It was late one night about three weeks after my parents’ passing, and my husband and I were living in a small development in Irvine, California. It was one of those complexes with cookie cutter condos. Our bedroom was upstairs. I loved having the window open with the wonderful breeze that autumn provided in Southern California.

For some reason, I was quite restless and could hear voices coming from outside. I glanced at the clock to see it was 3 a.m. I peered out the window to see an elderly couple walking down the sidewalk by our house. They were holding hands and I could only catch a glimpse of them from the back as they passed by.  The moonlight shed just enough light that I could see they were elderly, possibly in their late seventies or early eighties. Their gait was slow but steady. I wondered just what the heck they were doing out at this hour in the morning? My eyes followed them as they strolled along the front sidewalk of our condo, around the curve down the street and down a path that led to another set of condos. At that point, they just disappeared into thin air! I mean they were like, poof— they’re gone! I woke my husband to tell him. He said maybe this couple just wanted a walk. Knowing what I know, and my beliefs, my instincts told me otherwise. Our development was mostly all young couples and I knew who lived where with the condos tucked in so close together. I had never seen an elderly couple the four years we lived there.

After it had all sunk in I began to try to rationalize this whole mysterious event. Was it my parents I saw or another apparition? It was just too odd. I even walked over to the next street the following day and entered the walkway they had entered the night before. I watched for several days and never once did I see an elderly couple enter or exit that area. 

I would rise for the next few nights and look out the window in hopes of seeing a replay. Nothing. I somehow knew deep down that I’d had a glimpse of my parents, the lovebirds that night, still holding hands and together.

I am a paranormal enthusiast and most of my novels are paranormal thrillers. You can find my books here on Amazon~ 

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Dragons in Film and Television: 2000 and Beyond

In my last post I discussed dragons in film and television in the 1900’s. That post can be seen here. Today we will take a look at the years 2000 and beyond.

In 2001 we saw the dragon from Spirited Away. The dragon we see in this animated Japanese film. Haku is a river spirit that transforms into a flying dragon. An interesting feature of Haku is the dragon is covered in fur, instead of scales. The story focuses on mysticism and the supernatural, and the dragon  is friendlier and trustworthy.

We also see the introduction of dragons from popular book series’ including Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, both the book and the movie feature Norbert, whose name is changed to Norberta when it is discovered that the dragon is a female. This dragon is similar to a pet. Other dragons found in the series are less of pets and more of wild animals. They really don’t communicate with humans or serve as any form of guidance. They are seen as neither good or evil.

In Lord of the Rings the first dragons we encounter are the Fell Beasts, although some don’t consider them dragons. These dragons primarily serve evil forces as a mode of transportation. We also encounter Balrog, again an evil dragon and finally, although he is around earlier in the canon, we meet Smaug. J.R.R Tolkein said that all his dragons were evil. In spite of the fact that Smaug and Balrog are intelligent beasts, they do not interact with humans except to destroy them.

Another dragon encountered in 2001 was the dragon from Shrek. Although she starts out as an evil dragon, she is quickly and easily won over to the side of good and helps to defeat the evil.

In 2002 we meet the dragons of Reign of Fire. Again we are in the purview of evil dragons bent on destroying the earth by eating the people. These dragons are to be feared not befriended.

Jump ahead to 2006 and we meet Saphira from The Inheritance Cycle (although only one of the books was made into a movie). She is a wise, caring dragon that helps the hero conquer the bad guys. She along with the few other dragons in the series communicate by thought and specifically bonded to their riders. There are a few other dragons in the books, but they aren’t seen in the one movie.

Remember in the post on Dragons in Books I mentioned that one of the first books to include dragons was Beowulf. There are several film adaptations of the book and I am not here to critique the films, so watch and make your own judgement. I am looking at the dragon in the 2007 movie. The dragon is evil and is there to harass the hero.

In 2008 the television show Merlin introduces two dragons, Aithusa and Kilgharrah, in this reimagining of the story of King Arthur and Merlin. Kilgharrah is also known as the Great Dragon and has been imprisoned in a cave beneath Camelot. He is a mix of a wise, guiding dragon and a revenging, evil dragon. Aithusa is a young dragon who is allied with Morgana and attacks Merlin and Arthur. So despite the fact that his name translates into Light of the Sun he proves to be an enemy to Merlin instead of being a good omen. These dragons are able to speak and interact with the humans and advise them although they are not always reliable.

I can’t leave this topic without talking about the dragons from Game of Thrones. Throughout the seven seasons of GOT we have seen these dragons grow from eggs to powerful, fire breathing beasts. They are intelligent even if they don’t talk. These three dragons have presented some challenges for the CGI people. Many animal sounds were used to create the dragon screams. Fire breathing crane with the dragons body was imposed over it was used to animate the dragons.

There are many more dragons in film and television, too many to cover in this post. With this post we have seen the progression of dragons in film. Creating dragons on small and large screen is a challenging endeavor and I am anxious to see what books, film and television does with these magnificent creatures.

Bensvelk Thurkear (good night in dragon).

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Sci-Fi Film Classics: When Worlds Collide

Mini Review 
When Worlds Collide

Joe Bonadonna

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: I think George Pal's "When World's Collide" may be the first of the disaster flicks. In this 1951 film version of Philip Wylie's and Edwin Balmer's 1933 novel, August 12 is the date Bellus (Bronson Alpha in the novel) collided with Earth.

 In the closing scenes of the film, the survivors land on the smaller planet of Lyra (Bronson Beta), and in the distant background 2 pyramids can clearly be seen. Off to the left, another structure that is clearly "manmade" can also be seen. 

In "After Worlds Collide," the 1934 sequel to their novel, Wylie and Balmer have the survivors discover that Bronson Beta (Lyra in the film) was once inhabited by an alien civilization. 

So I've always wondered if producer George Pal had intended to make a sequel to his film version of "When Worlds Collide," and those scenes final scenes were a cinematic set-up. Or was he simply acknowledging the book's sequel, throwing in a few Easter Eggs? George Pal also used Woody Woodpecker (created by his friend, Walter Lantz) in some capacity in many of his films, by the way. Woody appears in 1950's "Destination: Moon" in a Disney-type of short-feature to explain how the rocket ship will leave Earth and land on the moon. (This film was based on Robert A. Heinlein's "Rocket Ship Galileo, and he worked on the screenplay, too.) Woody can also be "glimpsed," cleverly disguised, in the top of a tree in Pal's 1953 film version of "War of the Worlds." 

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Ancient Curse, Secrets, and Lies

Cursed Bloodline
Secrets and Lies

When a twin curses her sister and her bloodline in the four hundreds, centuries later Sofia might lose her brother unless they find a way to break the curse.

A short snippet from the book:
They reached the old Porsche that was their grandma’s car and Jayden packed Sofia’s luggage into the trunk. He reached into the back and pulled a duffel bag from the back seat. Jayden opened the zipper and took out a package wrapped in old-looking leather sheets. When he unwrapped it, inside was the book made of leather sheets sewn together.

Jayden handed it to Sofia. “Well, what do you think?”

She fingered the soft leather, “It’s old and still so pliable,” she mused. “Look, the Sacred Turul is burned into the cover.”

“May the sacred Turul protect you on your journey,” they chanted the ancient line that every Hun whispered when they saw a falcon, alive or in a picture.

Sofia got into the passenger seat, opened the book and scanned the pages. Jayden started the engine and pulled out of the parking space. The traffic was heavy in the city, but soon they were driving northeast on the smooth highway.

“So, what do you think?” Jayden asked.

“Wow! Let me read it.” Sofia turned to the first page and started translating.

I am Zoan, the humble Shaman of the Roaring Falcon tribe. I’m going to write Elana’s story in detail with the hope that the descendants of Elana could read this and break the powerful curse. It happened on the third moon of the year, the events that led to Tuana’s curse. The day Elana was forced to leave her happy childhood behind and take the reality and responsibilities of adulthood.
Sofia lowered the book to her lap and turned to her brother, “Jay, could this be written so long ago?”
“I think so, or rather hope so. Please read on.”

Sofia lifted the book. “I’m winging it here because I’m not familiar with this word átokja, but I think it is the old version of átok, which means curse. Also, there’s another phrase— akarata erősségje. I think it means powerful.”

“Just do your best and you can do a more detailed translation later.”

“Okay, here it goes.”
Elana, unaware of her fate, gave her horse a gentle squeeze with her knees, to run faster. Willow zigzagged between the jurtas that were lined up in a semicircle, leaving a broad plaza in the middle. Elana glanced up at the tall wooden pole that stood in the center of the square. It had intricate designs carved into it and was painted with brilliant colors. On top of it was a giant carved falcon, standing with wings open wide, as if it was getting ready to take flight. Oh, I’m so late; my mother is going to kill me, she thought and prompted her horse to run faster. An old woman who was carrying firewood stopped and shook her head in disapproval. “These youngsters are riding like demons,” she mumbled, looking after Elana.

Elana reached her home. She slid off the mare’s back in a hurry and fastened the horse’s rein to a wooden pole. Her breaths came in short puffs, and her rosy cheeks glistened with perspiration. She patted the horse’s neck, gave her an armful of hay, and poured fresh water from a leather bag that hung on the pole into a clay bowl.  “I have to hurry, but I’ll be back soon Willow, promise,” she whispered.

She hurried up to the entrance of the tent-like building, called Jurta, with a few long strides. She parted her kaftan-like dark blue overcoat, pulled up her baggy trousers, and smoothed her tunic that her mother had adorned with delicate flower designs. Elana pulled the leather entrance cover aside with a heavy sigh, and she braced herself mentally for the long lecture that she knew she must endure.

As usual, she was late for her herbal lessons with her mother, a beautiful, statuesque, dark-haired woman who slowly rose from a curved sofa-like piece of furniture. Soft light coming from the opening at the ceiling shone on her green, delicately-decorated calf-length tunic that she wore with loose black trousers. Her hair was braided with thin leather thongs and hugged her shoulders.
Elana took off her boots and placed them by the entrance. She winced when Mara’s high-pitched, angry voice hit her like a whip. “You are late, again, young lady! Didn’t I tell you to be home by the time the sun reaches the head of the Falcon? Look!” she pointed at the pole through the door.
Elana quickly let the leather curtain slide back to cover the door, dutifully bowed, and whispered,

“Yes, Mother. Sorry, Mother.”

She always wanted to please her mother, she really did, but she could rarely live up to her expectations. Luckily, Mara’s anger and lectures were as brief as summer storms, so Elana obediently stood by the entrance and lowered her eyelids to hide the playful twinkle in her eyes. Her long, black hair, which was braided in thin rows, slid off her shoulders as she bowed her head, and she adjusted her delicately-woven horsetail headband that kept the stray hairs out of her face. Elana took a hesitant step forward on the thick, wool carpet that covered the dirt floor of the Jurta.

“Where were you?”

“We were… I was… I got some herbs, too. Look!” Elana hoped that she could divert her mother’s attention, so she quickly opened the leather pouch that contained some flowers that she had collected. Lying wasn’t in her nature but concealing the truth a little by trailing the conversation away from the sensitive subject was widely used in her tribe, especially by teenagers.
Sofia looked at Jayden with suspicion in her eyes. “Jay, where did you get this book?”

“I found it in a secret room in grandma’s house. It was wrapped up and hidden in a wooden trunk with a bunch of other books and stuff. When I opened it, I saw it was Hun writing and it made me angry that I couldn’t read it.”

I hope you enjoyed the short snippet from the book. If you'd like to read it, click on the link below:

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Book Spotlight: Hell Bound

Live. Die. Repeat. That’s what hell’s all about.

Today’s Book in the Spotlight is Hell Bound, by best-selling author Andrew Paul Weston (The IX, The IX: Exordium of Tears, The IX: Prelude to Sorrow, and Hell Hounds.)

Andrew provides us with an intriguing excerpt from Hell Bound, his first novel in the long-running Heroes in Hell™ shared-world series. But first, let him tell you a little about hell.

“In hell, none of the condemned believes they deserve to be there. And that’s fine, so long as they’re not foolish enough to try and do anything about it. For those that do, there’s always Satan’s Reaper–and chief bounty hunter–Daemon Grim.

Feared throughout the many layers of the underverse, no one in their right mind dares to cross him.

However, when Grim discovers that someone has attempted to evade injustice, and seems hell-bent on gaining access to ancient angelic artifacts proscribed since the time of the original rebellion in heaven, circumstances point to the fact they may be doing just that.

The question is...why?

Thus begins an investigation that leads Grim throughout the many contradictory and baffling levels of the underworld, where he unearths a conspiracy that is not only eating its way like a cancer through the highest echelons of Hellion society, but one which threatens the very stability of Satan’s rule.

As you can imagine, Grim’s response is bloody, brutal, and despicably wicked.

In hell, everyone can hear you scream...”

Excerpt from Hell Bound….

Lost in shadow, I surveyed my surroundings and took my time to ensure the area was deserted. The squall outside fell in stinging gusts, creating a tympanic frenzy of contending melodies. I paused for a moment to savor the erratic beat of rain against metal, glass, and corrugated roofing. The discordance was almost hypnotic, and it was only with the greatest effort that I was able to break free from its influence and concentrate on the task at hand.

It didn’t take long, for I’d chosen my location well. It was past midnight, and my position at the top of the stairwell afforded me a commanding view of the parking lot outside. Apart from a solitary discarded coffee cup tumbling its way along a line of stationary vehicles like a demented gymnast, I was completely alone, and invisible to the detritus of humanity sleeping fitfully beneath their makeshift shelters throughout the different levels of the garage.

The scant security lighting that still worked did little to illuminate the area. If anything, each lamp created a swathe of gloom that I would use to my advantage, for my assignment here would end shortly, and it was almost time to go home.

At last.

Just the thought of getting back sent a twinge of pleasure tingling along my spine. While my work afforded me a degree of freedom enjoyed by no one else, I always felt fatigued the longer I stayed away. And a week was simply too long.

Still, it’s been a good harvest. Not only was I able to sort out a major problem for the Boss, but the latest candidates should go a long way toward calming his frustrations.

A faint echo portending ravenous hunger intruded at the edge of my astral perceptions. Adjusting my awareness, I sensed my quarry coming closer. Forewarned, I used the opportunity to mentally review his rap-sheet.

Jesus Toledo Perez. Born 1980, in New Mexico, to Alberto Toledo and Christina Perez. A fraternal twin introduced to his true vocation at the tender age of just five years, when he smothered his sibling, Alana, in her sleep following an infantile spat. Authorities weren’t able to pin anything on him at the time, and how would they? An innocent child, rolling over in the night to cuddle his sister as they slept? Little did the Toledo family appreciate the monster born into their midst that day.

But we did, and that act had drawn him to our attention. For as little Jesus grew up, his crimes progressed from random acts of asphyxiation as a child to the more opportunistic, premeditated, hormone-driven angst of a teenager. By the time he graduated, Jesus had strangled, drowned, and pushed seven people to their deaths.

Hmm. Judging from what it says here, he always acted as if he was daring the authorities to catch him. Just what we want. A cold, calculating killer with a God complex.

I watched him from my place of concealment as he edged his way out onto the top tier from the opposite side of the level. Hiding beneath an oversized golf umbrella, and dressed to the nines in an expensive suit and raincoat, he looked every bit the highflyer currently establishing himself as a philanthropist and charity worker among the city’s homeless.

The perfect cover.

Or so he thinks.

I noticed he was carrying a plastic bag. Despite the wind, I could hear the contents clunking as he moved.

Aha! Going with the poisoned hooch option tonight, are we?

I suppressed a snort at the poignancy of the situation.

I’ve got a real-life Jesus of suburbia right in front of me, but the only salvation he’ll be bringing one of the poor and lowly tonight is a release from the suffering of their miserable lives.

It was time to intercede.

Like a wraith, I detached myself from the gloom and stepped out into the night. Within moments, the rain had soaked my hair and beaded my trench coat and sunglasses in a chainmail of translucent pearls. Gliding silently between the parked vehicles, the only sign of my advance came from the momentary dimming of the overhead lights as I passed.

You can find Andrew’s Amazon Author Page HERE

Purchase link for Hell Bound PRINT

Purchase link for Hell Bound KINDLE

Thank you, Andy! 

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Guest Author: Robert Eggleton #OurAuthorGang

Our guest today is Robert Eggleton

Robert Eggleton is a retired children’s psychotherapist and a debut novelist.

Rarity from the Hollow
Adult Literary Science Fiction
An award-winning adult social science fiction novel filled with tragedy, comedy, and satire that raises funds to help abused children.

Lacy Dawn's father relives the never-ending Gulf War, her mother's teeth are rotting out, and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in the hollow is hard. She has one advantage - an android was inserted into her life and is working with her to cure her parents. But, he wants something in exchange. It's up to her to save the Universe. Lacy Dawn doesn't mind saving the universe, but her family and friends come first. 

Purchase Links: 
2018 Paperback is now on Amazon:
If you want to raise money to help abused children (50% donated), more revenue is generated from the paperback if you buy it from Lulu:
It is also available for Any eReader:

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New Group Member S.M.Freed

New Group Member S.M.Freed

My name is Sheryl and my pen name is S.M.Freed which is actually my name but people have problems saying my last name. This makes it easier if it is spelled like it sounds.
I love reading books from Romance, Paranormal, Fiction, Cozy Mystery. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys and those books got me hooked on reading.
I have 2 senior rescue animals and they are my life jacket when things get tough for me and I spoil them rotten.
I have published 2 Mail Order Bride books and 2 Paranormal books with my PNR doing better then I thought it would. I am enjoying writing since I am retired now and I still read a lot of books on my eReader.

Sign up for my Newsletter: 

This is a snippet from my PNR book 2 Leaping Into Love, Callahan's Pack

The first lady came up to the group. It was Shawn. and Remy was stepping forward to give her courage. “You're a mother …you jack….” She could not say what she wanted to say, so in a flash of light and the crack of bones breaking, Shawn’s animal came out to help her.
Her gazelle was mad. She raised up onto her hind legs, and her hooves came down on Rex, again and again. She walked over to Remy who took off his shirt. He shielded her as she changed to her human. Walking over to Rex, she shouted, “That is for Shelly you prick!” Then she went to the back of the group. She was shaking. Remy put his arms around her as she came down from the high her animal felt.

This is a snippet from my PNR book 2 Leaping Into Love, Callahan's Pack

“Shawn, I know of someone who might help. I had an acquaintance I found when I traveled to a world shifter meeting in Europe. I know his sister deals with people and shifters suffering PTSD at an institution in Spain. There is also something an Alpha Royal can do to help and that is to erase the traumatic memories of the person.
“Only the Royals can do this, or I would have helped you with this before. Let me make a few calls to determine if I get have them here. We can go from there.” Clay thought this might happen, so he was prepared for this.
“Oh, Alpha, thank you. I will let the ladies know you will try to help us. Then, maybe we can start our new lives.” Shawn struggled to hold back the tears in her eyes as she looked at her mate.
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Favorite Reviews #10

Our Author Gang's Favorite Reviews

Book reviews (good or bad) provide important feedback to the authors, and without reviews, a book gets lost in the thousands of other books that are released every month. Every author appreciates and values the opinion of readers, but we’re strongly discouraged from engaging with readers and thanking them for their reviews on publishing sites. The authors of Our Author Gang celebrate and appreciate the readers by posting our favorite reviews between September 10 and 22. Every day a different author of the group will post their books and quotes from their readers’ favorite reviews.
Thank you for your interest in our books and happy reading!

My Favorite Reviews

Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser is the winner of the 2017 Golden Book Readers’ Choice Award for Fantasy. I love this review because Dave Brzeski is a well-respected reviewer, and the British Society of Fantasy is a highly-regarded e-magazine.

“Joe Bonadonna is one of the growing number of authors whose work I have been meaning to get around to for quite some time. This particular book has been available since the beginning of 2011. At first sight, it’s classic sword and sorcery, set on a world populated by fighting men, merchants, wizards and a multitude of mythical, non-mythical and just plain made-up beasts. There’s a difference, though, in the style of the storytelling. It’s a first person narrative, executed very much in the style of the hard-boiled private eye genre. I was reminded of Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar tales, crossed with Chandler’s Philip Marlowe—sort of fantasy-noir. Dorgo Mikawber, himself, is roughly the equivalent of a private detective on this world, as he is a licensed dowser (complete with dowsing rod) of odylic (magical) energy, employed to deal with crimes of a supernatural nature.” — David Brzeski, British Society of Fantasy.

Mad Shadows II: Dorgo the Dowser and the Order of the Serpent is a semi-finalist in the 2017 Golden Quill Award for Fantasy. I love this review because Fletcher Vredenburgh is a prolific columnist for Black Gate online magazine, which is a very popular and successful e-publication.

“Joe Bonadonna is a heck of a teller of hard-boiled action and adventure tales. After too many years out of the toilsome fields of swords & sorcery, he returned in 2010 with a top-flight collection of short stories about one Dorgo Mikawber, dowser of magic and handy with a saber. I discovered Joe and that book, Mad Shadows (2010) here on the virtual pages of Black Gate, and reviewed it over on my site about four years ago. After another significant hiatus he’s returned with a second collection of Dorgo’s adventures: Mad Shadows II: Dorgo the Dowser and The Order of the Serpent (2017). That’s a lot of title for a book that just crosses the two-hundred page mark, but it gives a nice sense of the pulpy goodness that lies betwixt its covers. Dorgo Mikawber was raised in an orphanage, served in the army, and now makes his living as a magical investigator and finder of lost people.” — Fletcher Vredenburgh, Black Gate online Magazine.

Three Against The Stars is old-school, pulp magazine Space Opera in the grand tradition of Henry Kuttner, Edmond Hamilton, and E.E. “Doc” Smith. I love this review because William Patrick Maynard is a great author in his own right, and Black Gate is an award-winning e-magazine.

“Bonadonna has constructed an empire and galaxy that largely escapes the looming shadow of Star Wars and Star Trek to exist as an original work in its own right. Three Against The Stars is a rip-roaring adventure ride.” — William Patrick Maynard, Black Gate Magazine, author of The Terror of Fu Manchu, The Destiny of Fu Manchu, and others.