Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Stocking Stuffers

The best present for young children

Reading is a valuable tool to expand a child's knowledge, trigger their imagination, and learn valuable lessons without sounding preachy. 
The best presents I remember when I was a young child weren't dolls, clothes or toys, but my eyes lit up when I've found books in the Christmas stocking. My mom knew how to keep me quiet, therefore, she got me books for every holiday. I wasn't underfoot, I didn't run around the house breaking things, I was quietly reading by the fireplace.
If you have a child or grandchild who likes to read, take a look at the selection below.

Heroic fantasy for children 6-14
Joe Bonadonna and I had a lot of fun writing this story.
The readers said:
"I’m unable to do justice to the wealth of detail and action Szabo and Bonadonna managed to pack into this book."
~Fletcher Vredenburgh
"Szabo and Bonadonna make a great pair. Their Creepy Hollow Adventures is a perfect starting point for young children making the leap from "kids' books" to "novels."
~S E Lindberg
Audio book

Storybook for children 4-12
Becky Robbins and I paired up to bring this fun, educational book for children 5-12 about acceptance, friendship, family, dealing with bullies, and moral values such as not judging others by their appearances before getting to know them. With Sudipta Dasgupta's wonderful illustrations and Lorraine Carey's professional editing, the story based on an old legend of the haunted bakery comes to life.

Illustrated storybook for children 4-12
When Bianca, Daniel, and Peanut, the St. Bernard, are confronted by Mark and his cronies, the children stand up to the brute bullies with the help of Peanut. Their adventure continues when they see a woman throwing four tiny, meowing kittens into the river. Can the BFFs save them? Find out what happens to the kittens.

Bilingual storybook for children 4-12
Sarah, Emma’s mom, promised to bird-sit Pico for two weeks but soon regrets her decision because the noisy parrot keeps screeching and squawking all day, annoying her family and the neighbors. When Pico makes a mess of Emma’s room, Emma gets very angry, but her friends help her. Charlotte notices that Pico seems sad, and Pedro finds out why Pico is shrieking so loudly all the time. The parrot is frustrated because nobody pays attention to him, and nobody understands what he wants.
The story delivers a message that when we don’t take the time to listen to each other, we tend to judge others quickly before we get to know them. 

Storybook for children 4-12
A little girl teaches her family and her friends how to relate to someone who is hearing impaired.
When Grandma Rosa lost her hearing, Sandra and her parents became frustrated and sad. They didn’t know what to do and how to learn to communicate better with Grandma Rosa.
It became an everyday struggle for the family, and they missed the comforting family conversations at dinner time.
Sandra finds a website for hearing impaired people that explains how deaf people communicate. They start learning sign language and to “talk” with their fingers. Sandra and Grandma Rosa find realize that with compassion, love, and hard work, they can overcome the obstacles of disability. 

Storybook for children 4-12
Terry is sad because she can’t find her precious music box that was a gift from her Grandmother. With the help of her dog, Pansy, and the wise hedgehog, Oliver, they cross the portal to the magical world and Pansy leads them to Wolfgang’s cave. Terry finds out why she has the ability to talk to animals and why the good witch enchanted her music box so long ago.

Spanish storybook for children 4-12
Sandra enseña a su familia y amigos a comunicarse con personas con discapacidad auditiva.
Este divertido libro ilustrado  lleva un importante mensaje para los niños, como aprender a no juzgar o burlarse de alguien sólo porque es diferente.  La vida de algunas personas con discapacidad no es divertida y vivir con una discapacidad conlleva muchos retos, pero nosotros podemos hacer sus vidas más fáciles en vez de más difíciles.

Children's picture book for ages 2-6
Terry is struggling to learn numbers. Pansy, Terry’s dog, and Pansy’s best friend, Oliver, the hedgehog, want to help but they don’t know how. In the morning, Terry tells her mother that the fairy showed her the numbers in her dream. Her mother doesn’t believe her, but Grandma says, “Maybe there is a Number Fairy, Sweet Pea… Maybe there is.”

Children's picture book for ages 2-6
Penny always wants to do what her big brother does. She imitates his every move and constantly tweets, “Me, too.” Spike is angry at his sister and threatens to name her Metoo, but when the two young chickens face danger, Spike realizes how important family is and happy to have a sometimes annoying, but loving and brave little sister. 

Thank you for your interest, and happy reading!