Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Q&A Session with Adara

Nicola McDonagh

The heroine from my Sci-fi/dystopian series - The Song of Forgetfulness, doesn't do interviews. It took a lot of persuading, and a bag of realchoc, to get her to do this one. I agreed not to take any photos.

Could you introduce yourself? 

Adara. And, before you go all, ‘What, THE Adara…’ Yes, I am THE Adara-Catcher of birds.

Describe what it was like for you growing up.

Scary mostly. What with the Carnies and their not-so-fun show stealing our kiddles, and the Flashlighters spoiling any fun, and me having to keep shutums about my gift, life was full on frightnight.

Tell us something about the religions and politics of your world. 

Yikes! Even with six fingers on each hand, I’ll struggle to count. Here goes: There’s The OneGreatProvider, Cityplace folk believe in, then there’s the Greenman, the Woodsfolk follow. The Baby Cheesus, Prasiebees adore him, the Onegreatbeing, Christfolk worship and Krishna, the Moocow Monks of the order of Mayer look to for guidance. As for politics, well, there’s only the filthy Agro scum, and their laws that all are forced to obey.

Do you see yourself as a hero? Or as someone just doing his/her job, doing what's right?

I’ve saved a lot of folk. So, some might say I am a hero, but many have died because of what I did. Guess I can’t rightly say I am fit to be called that. I did what had to be done because I have a gift that meant I could.

Would you rather kill or die to ensure the safety of the people you care about?

Kill, most def. Can’t righty save anyone if you’re dead, right?

What are your hopes for the future?

That the Meeks can save us all and the Agros are driven far from our shattered land. Plus, I’d like to see the ocean, they say it is dead, but there are those that say they’ve seen things slither and swim below it’s lapping waters.

Do you have a hero or heroine that you pattern your life after? If so, who and why.

Easy, that would be my Santy Breanna. She’s a S.A.N.T. one of the best. If it weren’t for the Agro war thingy, I would have gone into training to be just like her. She’s the bravest, smartest, and fastest fem I now. Kind as well. Yep most def my Santy.

Tell us about the villains you've encountered.

I’ll choose just two, otherwise I’d be talking till my doom. Both, Agro spy scum. Brother Jude, real name, Atyhtan. He was supposed to be my tutor, teach me how to hone my skill, but he just wanted to use my power before doing me in. His pal, Brother Dominic, real name, Ryce, betrayed us to the Agros, got a lot of folk killed.

What is your biggest regret?

Not getting the chance to spend some proper smoochy time with Marcellus.

What's the one thing, you can't live without?

My Synthbag.

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