Thursday, August 29, 2019

On Borrowed Time

On Borrowed Time

Lorraine Carey

~ On Borrowed Time is book 2 in the Women of the Willow Wood Trilogy.

Here we find our heroine, Daniella Reyes on another dangerous mission from her Sisters. The ante is upped now that she is rising in power within her clan.
There have been many secret societies throughout history but none can compare to the powerful Women of the Willow Wood.

 ~Some women pay Top Dollar for a body makeover, but not Daniella Reyes—she’s got a few supernatural friends that are willing to do this for FREE!

Daniella is led into the sacred cave in the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico with Nina, the high Curendera. It is here she will receive her physical and spiritual transformation~
I scanned the open cave with my flashlight, amazed to see vapors seeping through the cracks in the rocks above me. Nina set her bag down, instructing me to remove my shoes and clothing. We were on sacred ground here. Modesty goes out the door when you’re about to take part in a powerful ritual.

"The vapors from the chasm are the conductors for the magic of the ritual, Daniella. Our sisters have used this cave for hundreds of years. We must offer a blessing before we begin." Nina removed her shoes and knelt on the ground. "St. Muerta, please oversee our safety as we enter into a realm where protection is needed. We ask for your guidance and protection at this time from any lower lying entities.
"We call on the High Priestess Tryrenea from the Oracles of Delphi, the Goddesses Phoebe, and Themis." Nina removed a sachet from her bag, filled with dried herbs, which she sprinkled over the cave floor. We honor your presence, goddesses, on this very important evening. Let our newly appointed guardian, Daniella Reyes, journey to your realm safely and return safely. We honor and respect this sacred site to Gaia. So mote it be."

Nina handed me a white sheath to put on and a white sheet over the ground where I would lay. I anticipated that a Greek goddess might pop out of thin air at any moment. Nina had changed into a toga. I was amazed at how she'd managed to fit everything into her backpack. I wondered what else might be in there.
Nina had removed a long, wand-like branch from her bag and a jar of what appeared to be some sort of powder. She asked me to hold the flashlight as she drew a circle in the dirt with the branch with one hand and holding her long, black hair in the other. The ground sparked a fire where the branch had etched the circle. "You know, Daniella, this branch was made from the bark of an ancient willow tree, which has been used for hundreds of years in rituals such as this. It’s been blessed and used by many of those who came before us."

I never stopped being in awe of the new things I learned. Nina had just upped the ante with her stick-like wand. Here I'd imagined she’d have some kind of glitzy wand like the Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz.
Nina had instructed me to lie on the sheet, which she'd placed in the middle of the circle. She set our flashlights down so the light would shine directly onto the circle. The sparks had died down, leaving behind a circle of smoke. She'd also bound my hair up in a white, linen turban. Nina took my right hand and slipped what appeared to be a bracelet of twisted twigs with knots onto my wrist, like some sort of friendship bracelet from the sisters. I looked into her eyes to see a golden glow in her irises.
"This is also made from the willow tree," Nina told me. "I'm going to tell you exactly what I'm doing as I'm doing it, Daniella. There's no need to panic or worry. You have a council of some of the most powerful women in this realm and the next protecting you.
"I'll need you to take three deep breaths to inhale the vapors, holding for a count of seven. You'll do three sets of these. After that, you'll be in a very relaxed state. You'll be conscious but unable to talk. You'll feel your body changing. We're calling on the Divine Feminine, here. Your heart rate will increase, your pupils will dilate, your skin will feel warm, and your breasts will swell. This is all normal. It's part of the changes in the structure of your DNA as your body heals on a cellular level. We're aiming to raise your frequency so you'll be able to tap into a higher consciousness and vibrate at a higher frequency. This is the process of raising the kundalini. It's why we've performed so many chakra-balancing sessions with you. You'll need this to assist others in the rescue of their souls and their protection. Once you're in an altered state, I'll also partake of the vapors and assume the role of a conduit for your transformation.

"So...shall we begin, my dear?"

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