Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year From #OurAuthorGang

Happy New Year from Our Author Gang!
Read our authors' accomplishments in 2017 and wishes, hopes, and plans for 2018

  • Published Luin the Sapphire, Book 5 of the Aglaril Cycle.
  • Revised many short stories in my short story collections.
  • Submitted a story to the NESW Anthology
  • Publish Carne the Ruby, Book 6 of the Aglaril Cycle.
  • Attend as many events as I can to sell books.
  • Continue to work on short stories and poems.
  • Independently published the following books
    •  The Rashade': Chronicles of the Coranydas Vol 1
    • A Guardian Falls: Chronicles of the Coranydas Vol 2
    • Neutral Space
  • Published through Hoffman & Hoffman 
    • For Their Sins
  • Independently Publish the following books
    • Dragons of the North: Box set
    • Descendants Rising: Chronicles of the Coranydas Vol 3
    • The prequel to Chronicles of the Coranydas
    • Finish at least one other project for publication
  • Submit a novella to an anthology 
  • Start attending local events and increase my marketing efforts

Independently Published the following books and novella:
  • Mad Shadows II: Dorgo the Dowser and The Order of the Serpent (2017 Semi-Finalist in the Golden Quill Award.)
  • Three Ghosts in a Black Pumpkin, co-authored by Erika M. Szabo (Winner of the 2017 Golden Book Judges' Choice Award for Children's Fantasy)
  • The Power of the Sapphire Wand, co-authored by Erika M. Szabo
  • Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser, won the 2017 Golden Book Readers' Choice Award for Fantasy.)
  • "The Pirates of Penance," published in Pirates in Hell, volume twenty in the Heroes in Hell series created by Janet Morris and published by Perseid Press. 
  • To see the two short stories, one novella, and one novel I sold get published.
  • To work on another novel of Dorgo the Dowser
  • To work on a new story for the next edition of the Heroes in Hell series.
  • To do some vacation traveling.
  • To regain my health and stay healthy.
Mary Anne

     • Published The Du Lac Princess (Book 3 of The Du Lac Chronicles)

    The Du Lac Chronicles
    • The Golden Box Book Publishing Golden Book Award 2017 Finalist 
    • Discovered Diamond Award 2017

    The Du Lac Devil (Book 2 of The Du Lac Chronicles)
    • Readers' Favorite Finalist 2017
    • IAN Book Of The Year Award Finalist 2017
    • Golden Quill Award Winner 2017
    • Chill with a Book Readers' Award 2017
    • BooksGoSocial Readers Choice Award Shortlisted 2017 
    • To finish and publish Book 4 in The Du Lac Chronicles seres.
    • To continue to blog and increase my readership!


     *Richard's Relics, Book 5 of the Acorn Hills series, The 2017 Golden Box Book               Publishing Golden Quill Awards Semi-Finalist
     *Richard's Relics, 2017 Bronze Winner, Authordb cover contest
     *Published ebook IF ONLY...A DIVA TO THE GUIDES PREQUEL
     *Published ebook/paperback holiday novel PROTECTED BY HIS GRACE

2018 Plans:
     *Complete Moonlight Wedding
     *Complete Poppy Tuck
     *Complete Health & Wellness trilogy
     *Participate in community events to promote my books
     *Coordinate an autumn author forum
     *Increase my readership by being more active on blogs

  • Read a ton of books
  • Kept last year's seasonal job - worked part time through the year
  • Feeling healthier than I have in several years
  • Writing a weekly garden column 
  • Designed the Bitter cover for the bindup of Bitter Blood, a short story, and Bitter Nights
  • Joined A Small Gang of Authors
2018 Plans:
  • Finish Bitter Nights
  • Start second Bitter novel
  • Pick up where I left off on Hunter's Moon (a planned four book series)
  • Keep working that part time job
  • Add more books to my book website ~ Alien Star Books
  • Joined A Small Gang of Authors
  • Joined the IWSG Book Club (took on moderator position)
  • Blogged something at least twice a month
  • Read and reviewed at least 50 books
2018 Plans
  • Continue to blog at The ToiBox of Words at least twice a month
  • Continue to blog with A Small Gang of Authors
  • Read and review at least 50 books
  • Continue to be active with the IWSG Book Club
  • Work on a complete rewrite of the Eternal Curse Series for the 10th anniversary edition
  • Work on a secret project and see if it reaches a point where I want to share it with the world.
2018 plans:
  • I grew a lot as a writer in 2017, therefore, I'm planning to rewrite The Ancestors' Secrets series which I published in 2013
  • I have the outline of a new historical fiction novel. Hopefully, I will start writing in 2018