Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Voices In My Head by Cindy J. Smith

Poetry from the Heart

Voices In My Head is the first collection in my "Jasmine's Wish" series. My daughter, Jasmine, organized poems I had written over the years in an attempt to get me to publish.  After her death, and because of the encouragement of friends on Facebook, I added all the new poems I'd penned to her categories. The poems cover all aspects of life. Nature, time, feelings, politics are all fodder for my rhymes. I recommend this book to anyone seeking understanding as many viewpoints are examined.

A poem from the book


In the land of the midnight sun
Before months of forever night
The fairies gather up their dust
To perform their astral delights
They fill the sky with light
Weaving their slender silken threads
Using only the palest hues
Of lavenders, yellows, and reds
Fairies fly on gossamer wings
Trailing their glowing webs behind
They dance together in a show
Making ever-changing designs
The Aurora Borealis
Fills Alaska’s sky at twilight
Fairies bringing sweet hope to all
With their gift of Northern Lights

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