Friday, April 19, 2019

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Some of my Goodreads Reviews


I love to read.  I will try just about any genre and mainly review only Indie books.  I figure Anne Rice and Stephen King can take care of themselves.  That being said, I offer you a few books that I highly recommend. 


A Ghost's Guide To Haunting by Taylor Ann Bunker

This book is awesome! I have not had this much fun reading a book in a long time! I sure hope I remember all the rules when I die, so I will have a head start to getting my permit! Excellently edited and well written! The way it is set up is perfect! I liked the list of choices of types of haunts, where to take vacations, laughing as I turned each page! What a unique and delightful book!

River of Bones by Angela J. Townsend

 I was drawn into this story quickly!  I loved the way the author weaved her tale of a haunted house and a voodoo curse.  The descriptions of the area involved reminded me of when I drove through Louisiana, spooky in itself!  The characters were easy to relate to and the situation was almost believable.
Great story!

Life Happens on the Stairs by Amy J. Markstahler

Elsie and her family are Illinois Yankee transplants in Tennessee. Elsie's way of facing problems is to run, literally. Her mother works cleaning houses while her father is trying to grow peppers. Elsie is an artist and is finally going to exhibit her work at the fair. Thanks to her best friend, she is starting to get some attention but her father's tumor sends him into a seizure. A young man, Tyler Vaughn, comes to the rescue and helps get medical attention. This chance encounter leads to sparks between the two. Tyler, it turns out is the grandson of the richest woman her mother works for, and that lady hates Elsie. Tyler and Elsie are drawn to each other, but Elsie is worried their relationship will cost her mother her job. The tension of young love with the back story of prejudice and the impending death of her father is palpable. This story is amazingly well written. I will not give any more info because I hate knowing how books end, it runs the fun of reading. This book is well worth buying. The characters are well developed, the plot is full of twists and unexpected results. Kudos! I can't wait to see more from this author.

Underlying Notes by Eva Pasco

When you hear someone has an addiction, perfume is not really where your mind goes. Well, Carla is definitely addicted to it. It is a constant in her life and her crutch as she faces her midlife crisis. A new neighbor and an accident brings the past forward and Carla faces it head on. The style this is written in reminds me of a diary, like I am reading Carla's private thoughts. The details about the different perfumes would have annoyed me had it not been for assuming this perspective. When you talk to yourself, you really don't care if you are exciting. I was invested in Carla and was hoping her travels led her to happiness. Not saying if it did but...
I did feel that the end of the book was suddenly rushed, like there was a time limit to finish the book. It is the reason for the 4 stars I would say 4.5 but that is not an option. I hope Eva continues to write.

The Good Teacher by Lorraine Carey

This is a captivating storyline. Dani is finally a full-time teacher. She lives with Zack who makes her feel special and safe. In her youth, her family life was very abusive. Her father, who died, was cruel to both her and her mom. Despite his death, Dani still holds on to the anger. As she went to ready her class for the start of the year, she finds herself being followed by a murder of crows. Crows carry the soul to final peace, are they here for help with her father's soul? Her 3 of her students she feels she must save. Can she save them if it means forgiving her father? What is the strange new religion her mother and aunt are showing her? What sacrifice is she willing to make to save the children and herself? Captivating!

Happy reading!

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