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A Small Gang of Authors: Book in the Spotlight from Erika M Szabo #OurAutho...

A Small Gang of Authors: Book in the Spotlight from Erika M Szabo #OurAutho...: C hildren's book for ages 4-12 about friendship, helping animals and dealing with bullies by Erika M Szabo http://www.authorerikams...

Book in the Spotlight from Erika M Szabo #OurAuthorGang

Children's book for ages 4-12 about friendship, helping animals and dealing with bullies
by Erika M Szabo

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Bianca and her best friend, Daniel, grew up together under the watchful eyes of Peanut, Bianca's St. Bernard. The huge dog was their babysitter, playmate, and bodyguard. They were inseparable, so people started calling them the BFF Gang. When summer vacation came, Bianca and Daniel decided to go swimming in the river when they were confronted by Mark and his cronies of the Wolf Pack Gang. Find out how Peanut told Mark, in his own doggy language, how much he dislikes brute bullies. When Bianca and Daniel finally got to the river and were happily splashing in the cool water, they heard Peanut's angry bark, and they saw an old woman approaching the riverbank with a basket in her hand. When the woman reached the edge of the river, she took a tiny, meowing kitten out of her basket and threw it into the river as far from shore as she could. The kitten flailed in the air, desperately crying, and then splashed into the water. Find out what happened to the kitten and how the BFFs dealt with Mark's gang, in this fun adventure story.

A short excerpt:

“Oh, look! The BFFs are going for a swim with their stupid mutt!” Mark yelled.

Bianca looked back and saw Mark standing by the fence, surrounded by three smaller boys.

“The loooovebirds,” chuckled Scott, one of Mark’s skinny friends, wearing a purple shirt. He looked at the husky boy with admiration.

“They think they’re better than us just because Danny boy won the spelling bee and her girlfriend came up with that stupid science project,” Mark growled.

“Yeah,” Aiden, the boy in green shirt, agreed. “They’re not better than us.”

“Stupid geeks,” Scott said as he looked at Mark for approval.

Mark sneered and raised his arm. Two of his cronies happily gave him a high five one by one, except one. Peter pushed his glasses up on his nose nervously and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

“Oh, no!” Daniel whispered. He kept walking as he angrily yanked the towel off his shoulder and swung it over his other shoulder. “I guess Mark is staying home for the summer. Just great!”

“He won’t try to hurt you,” Bianca whispered back. “He’s afraid of Peanut.”

“I know,” Daniel replied angrily. “Mark is a coward. He picks on kids who are smaller than he is and can’t defend themselves. He picks on me only when Peanut is not around.”

“Hey!” Hearing Mark’s angry shout, Bianca and Daniel turned back and looked at the group of boys.

“Hey,” Mark yelled again. “What are you two whispering about?”

“It’s none of your business!” Bianca said angrily.

“Yeah?” Mark yelled. “I’m going to tell my dad that you’re walking your mutt without a leash. He’s a policeman, you know.”

Bianca’s blood boiled with anger, and she lashed out at Mark. “Yes, we know that, Mark. You told us many times, but your dad knows that Peanut wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

“He’s just a big, dumb dog that should be locked up. Who gave him that stupid name, anyway?” Mark cackled.

“Leave us alone, Mark,” Daniel shouted angrily.

“Or what?” Mark pointed his round chin forward but cowered back when he heard Peanut’s bark that sounded like thunder.

The huge dog took a step toward him.

“Peanut! No!” Bianca yelled.

The giant dog stopped and looked back at Bianca with a twinkle in his eyes, and then he looked at Mark again. A low, threatening rumble escaped the dog’s throat as he opened his mouth showing his sharp teeth.

Mark’s usual arrogant expression changed. He looked frightened and flattened his body against the fence. The three boys slowly inched their way farther away from Mark who held onto the fence and didn’t move.

When Peanut saw how scared the boy was, he held his head high with a satisfied look on his face and turned his back on Mark. He kicked a few times with his hind legs toward Mark, showering him with dust and small gravel.

Bianca giggled and whispered to Daniel, “I swear Peanut can tell how he feels without words a lot better than most people with words.”

Daniel looked at her questioningly when he heard Mark’s shaky voice.

“Why…?” Mark cleared his throat. “Why did your mutt do that?”

“That’s his way of telling you that he doesn’t like you,” Bianca laughed, “That’s what he does with poop. He turns his back on it, kicks dirt over it and then walks away.”

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