Sunday, October 21, 2018

It’s My Birthday! by Toi Thomas

Co-manager of  Our Author Gang

Happy Birthday to Me! 

My plans for the day include…

Eat my favorite Korean Fried Chicken for lunch at Bonchon.
A viewing of Venom and...
Have dinner at my favorite ramen place, Osaka Ramen & Sushi.
Let's see if I can actually make some of this happen.

If you’re up for it, please visit my ToiBox of Words today, to get a look at my two, newly released books dedicated to raising funds to fuel my dream of starting a book fair in Hampton Roads, VA. I have an adult nonfiction opinion piece about book reviewing culture and a fun-loving children’s book about a bookworm who loses his glasses. Also, if you’re in the mood for something slightly spooky, I’d love for you to read my entry in the WEP-IWSG writing challenge.
WEP-IWSG at The ToiBox of Words
Just for laughs, below is a picture from my music themed birthday party three years ago. Everyone showed up as a musical celebrity or their favorite musical genre or era. I’m a 1920s/30s flapper because I love old jazz and big band music and my husband is Kurt Cobane from Nirvana.

Be sure to come back here on November 1 to see if you can figure out which story is mine in the 1st annual OAG Flash Fiction Contest. (I don’t think it’ll be too hard.)

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