Thursday, February 7, 2019

Rainbows and Clouds by Erika M Szabo

A collection of humorous anecdotes, heartwarming stories

Short stories about life’s humorous, happy, and dark moments.
Some of the stories are from my years in nursing, Steve's clumsiness and my cooking disasters might make you spit out your coffee laughing. The stories of my pets will put a warm smile on your face, and the stories about life's darker moments might make you wipe a tear or two.
Rainbows and dark clouds are part of life,
Without darkness, there can be no light.
Without moments that make us cry,
We can’t enjoy moments that make us smile.
Without moments that make us laugh,
We can’t get through moments that make us sad.
~Erika M Szabo

Editorial review:
The Rainbows and Clouds by Erika M Szabo is a collection of fun anecdotes, heartwarming stories, and slice-of-life tales that evoke a wide range of emotions. It's impossible to choose a favorite story because I loved them all, particularly the tales that explored the challenges of having a pet. There are several stories within this collection that explore the best - and the worst - of humanity. We are reminded that not everything, or everyone, is what they appear to be and that the best things in life are often surprises. I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone! It truly is something special.
~Tricia Drammeh
Coming soon in audio book

A story from the book:

Nurses Make the Worst Patients

Nurses have medical problems too, so after experiencing some palpitations after exercise when my heart rate took a little longer to slow down to normal, I went to have an echocardiogram done, just in case.
The technician prepared everything, hooked me up to the machine and started the test by sliding his “magic wand” over my chest. Being a nurse and being familiar with what the heart and blood vessels are supposed to look like on the monitor, I kept a sharp eye on the monitor and told the technician, “Go back, I want to see the bicuspid valve again.”
He complied, but when I instructed him the third time as my cardiologist poked his head through the door, the technician begged the doctor, “Can you put her to sleep, please?”
The doctor laughed, shaking his head. “She’s a nurse, she can’t help it.”
I got the message and kept my mouth shut for the remainder of the test.

Erika M Szabo
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