Friday, September 28, 2018

Spirit Visitations #OurAuthorGang

Spirit Visitations by Lorraine Carey
Many have witnessed what they claim to believe are the spirits of their deceased loved ones making a visit. And it doesn’t have to be in the form of a ghost. A spirit can make a connection as a poltergeist, odor, noise, feeling or visitations in dreams. It’s not just during a dark, stormy night that brings out the best of them; however, weather does play a factor in aiding a spirit to travel. Some even believe that a spirit can take the form of a Nomad, which goes back to ancient Inuit legends.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can, however, be transferred from one place to another and from one form to another.  Weather is caused by a transfer of energy. The earth is constantly keeping a balance between the solar radiation energy coming through the atmosphere from the sun, and what is bouncing off the earth and back into space. If paranormal entities use energy to manifest, then it seems reasonable to believe that fluctuations in weather conditions could possibly affect the level of paranormal activity at a location. 

No matter what form a spirit decides to take to pay us a visit, I will share with you one account I had shortly after the death of my parents.

October of 2009 had been a tragic time for me with the death of both of my beloved parents. My mother had preceded my father in death by three weeks. You just had to know this couple to see how much they were in love. Those who knew them called them ‘Lovebirds’. They were joined at the hip and were soul mates for sure. My father depended on my mother for everything. We hear often that one cannot live without the other and how in many cases one partner will pass shortly after their mate dies.

It was late one night about three weeks after my parents’ passing, and my husband and I were living in a small development in Irvine, California. It was one of those complexes with cookie cutter condos. Our bedroom was upstairs. I loved having the window open with the wonderful breeze that autumn provided in Southern California.

For some reason, I was quite restless and could hear voices coming from outside. I glanced at the clock to see it was 3 a.m. I peered out the window to see an elderly couple walking down the sidewalk by our house. They were holding hands and I could only catch a glimpse of them from the back as they passed by.  The moonlight shed just enough light that I could see they were elderly, possibly in their late seventies or early eighties. Their gait was slow but steady. I wondered just what the heck they were doing out at this hour in the morning? My eyes followed them as they strolled along the front sidewalk of our condo, around the curve down the street and down a path that led to another set of condos. At that point, they just disappeared into thin air! I mean they were like, poof— they’re gone! I woke my husband to tell him. He said maybe this couple just wanted a walk. Knowing what I know, and my beliefs, my instincts told me otherwise. Our development was mostly all young couples and I knew who lived where with the condos tucked in so close together. I had never seen an elderly couple the four years we lived there.

After it had all sunk in I began to try to rationalize this whole mysterious event. Was it my parents I saw or another apparition? It was just too odd. I even walked over to the next street the following day and entered the walkway they had entered the night before. I watched for several days and never once did I see an elderly couple enter or exit that area. 

I would rise for the next few nights and look out the window in hopes of seeing a replay. Nothing. I somehow knew deep down that I’d had a glimpse of my parents, the lovebirds that night, still holding hands and together.

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