Monday, August 7, 2017

The Red Haired Girl #OurAuthorGang

The Red Haired Girl
Rick Haynes

As part of the Portsmouth festivities for 2017, a collaboration between writers, film makers, and the Portsmouth Community, would take place.
Firstly, film makers and members of the Portsmouth community were invited to make films about Portsmouth across three themes.
Portsmouth Past - Portsmouth People - Portsmouth Places
Eventually, these would be available for viewing on the Portsmouth Plugged In, YouTube channel.
Writers were then invited to choose a film as their inspiration for writing a six-minute monologue. The monologues would be recorded on podcasts and put on the website.
I chose, The Red Hair Girl, but changed the title on my own YouTube channel to The Red Haired Girl. Many hours later, I had written my fifth and final draft. It was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever managed, writing wise, as both the picture and the words had to flow together.
The original film was in colour, but after a planning meeting with my son, Ryan, we both thought that perhaps a black and white film would work better. It did.
I sat on a chair in his studio and spoke into a microphone. Within a minute, my mind was completely immersed in the monologue. Three goes later, and Ryan was satisfied. Little did I know that his work had only just begun, as it took many hours to achieve the sound balance, and for the words to sail along with the images of the girl. It seemed strange to hear my own voice on playback, as my first reaction was negative; it wasn’t me speaking. My son soon put me right.
Ryan did a brilliant job and I’m very proud of him.


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