Sunday, November 18, 2018

Books in the Spotlight #6 at #OurAuthorGang

In the spotlight today


Young adult fantasy
High school student Paul Coleman’s life is an ordinary one. His existence takes a turn for the extraordinary when he and his best friend, Rory, are attacked by a winged demon one day. The demon, which calls itself Hekla, possesses the power of sound, and kills Rory with its scream. Paul survives, but the force from the blast has left him mainly deaf.
A year later, Paul is out of school, working part-time, and is fearful of going deaf forever. Although he has learned sign language well, he wonders where his life will go.
All that changes when Montague (Monty) Trillian, also known as Master Fantastic, enters his life and requests his services as a sign language teacher for his daughter, Myrna. 

Contemporary romance
Savannah had it all. She worked as a legal secretary in a lawyer’s office, had a fantastic boyfriend, Beau, and was the dutiful daughter of strong Southern parents.
But life wasn't always easy. Her mom’s cancer had returned. Savannah's mother had run the household with a firm determined hand. Now she was confined to the hospital leaving Savannah to take her place and look after her demanding father and a fussy brother.
After one of her hospital visits with her mother before being able to reach her car, she heard a car backfire. Surprised and startled almost out of her skin, she was grabbed from behind and dragged away. 

Short fiction
A short story collection about Basement Man ; moody drunk, sometime rock climber, absurdist philosopher, raconteur of the ridiculous, rogue, and not-so-merry prankster from the North End of Yonkers (aka Junkies Paradise). An every-man for nobodies, he is ever adrift between the carrot of sobriety and the reality of carpe diem. Bowing only to the laws of Murphy, he can never decide whether the lucky ones are the survivors or those who died years ago. 

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