Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Stakes Have Been Raised

The Stakes Have Been Raised!

Lorraine Carey

Kindergarten isn’t what it used to be twenty years ago. Reading Readiness and many concepts that were taught in grade one are now expected to be in place by the start of kindergarten.

As a veteran teacher and reading specialist I have been involved with teaching kindergarten, testing and working with students who were left well behind their peers in kindergarten. This has only resulted in frustrated children who lack self-esteem and begin to have a negative response to literacy when this should be a time to set the tone for a great reader and lifetime lover of books.

I was trained in The Collaborative Literacy Project, which is very similar to Reading Recover, which is taught in many schools. It’s proven results have had students retaining grade level status or above up to grade four.

This can be easily remedied with knowing exactly what is expected of your child prior to kindergarten. Here in my book, A Rock Star Reader Before Kindergarten I divulge my secret sauce for success. In these easy steps practiced daily your child will not only learn to read but become that lifelong successful reader.

The Reading Experience is a Bond~

We have many qualified teachers out there, but the most valuable instruction will come from you! If your child sees you reading he or she will know this is a valued concept.

Set a special time each day to read with your child. Try to set a schedule and make it fun. This is where you will set the tone for a love of literacy.

A Rock Star Reader By Kindergarten is always 99cents for Kindle. It is available in eBook and print. I want every child out there to have a chance to go to the head of the class!  School is about to be out for the summer and there is not better time than now to get this process in motion.

I have two videos to assist you with this book. The links are below. And I am always more than willing to aid in any questions for assistance you may have.

Now Let’s Get Rockin’!

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