Friday, March 8, 2019

Chip, Skip, and Joe learn about Needs and Wants

Writing is not something I ever thought I'd pursue as a career growing up. While I always loved to read and write, I also enjoyed technology and learning how to use it. That's why I got my college degree in a tech field. Still, as a working adult, things began to come into perspective. I soon realized that writing was part of me and needed to be an area of focus in my life; the decision the publish was simply based on a desire to share my work. Even without publication, writing became part of my daily life.

As with changes in my perspective on writing, my career goals soon shifted. As much as I still love and appreciate learning about new technology, even today, I was not content as a coder and was miserable in Corporate America. When I discovered the joys of working with children who have special needs, everything shifted. I worked in education for 10 years and endured the highs and lows of the educational system because I loved the children and making a difference in their lives. Now, working as a behavioral therapist, I'm still able to draw from my classroom experiences to help and support the kids I encounter every day.

More than just experience came out of that time in the classroom. I also wrote, illustrated, and self-published two series of educational fiction books, catered to the needs of my class. The children enjoyed the stories so much and were able to gain a better understanding of some broad concepts, that I decided to share them with the world. Chip and Skip Need Each Other and What Does Joe Need?, helps young children or any age child with special needs begin to gain a better understanding of how needs and wants relate to them.

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