Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why Poetry?

Journey taken to become a misfit

My newest book, Why Poetry?, came about at the suggestion of my friend and fellow author Erika Szabo.  She is very determined to make me write in full sentences.  It is just a short book, she wanted 6000 words but that did not happen.  Luckily she allowed me to add a few poems to emphasize my choices. 

Sometimes what we do, we have no say in.  I cannot recall making a conscious decision to write poetry.  I just know that I always have.  I think our talents are similar to our likes and dislikes.  I don't remember when I decided chocolate was awesome nor do I recall deciding escargo was something I would never try.  Both of those are now just facts about me.

A funny thing happened on the way to publication of this book.  Erika shared with me the cover she designed (isn't it beautiful?).  Well, I thought it was gorgeous and In read the piece of poem on it.  It sounded so familiar.  I asked her 3 times where she found it because I could not place who wrote it, I just knew I recognized it.  I think she thought I was kidding when I asked because after the third inquiry she finally answered---It was mine.  That did explain why it sounded so familiar.  Here is the poem in its entirety.  I wrote it for my sister Rae Jo. It is the final poem in a set based on her three favorite lines,  A river of hope, An ocean of regrets, and A waterfall of faith.


Life is such a hard road to travel
Potholes and pitfalls litter the way
Sadness and heartache fill the horizon
Hiding the laughter and love from view
My body trembles as I raise my foot
Another step into the abyss that is the future
My will is slowly fading as burdens increase
Family estranged, my health declining
What is the point of it all
Why do I still try so hard to live
Then I look up into the dark sky
The sun's rays peeking through the clouds
Showing me beauty I had forgotten
God's love pouring down from the Heavens
Washing away my woes and anger
In a waterfall of faith

© Cindy J. Smith

While writing this short piece, I noticed tiny nudges that did lead me on.  Nothing obvious at the time, just some gentle prodding.  The end result is what stands before you  A Poet, A Misfit in every sense of the word.

Why Poetry? is available at your favorite digital store.  If you take the time to read it, I hope you enjoy the journey.

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