Saturday, November 10, 2018

Books in the Spotlight #4 at OurAuthorGang

In the spotlight today

Romantic comedy
No one looks for pain, but some women seem to attract it.
Jolie Winter’s and her cousin, Debbie are more than family, and when you have someone that close they can sometimes lead you astray. Debbie sets Jolie up on dates with some disastrous results. 
Then, Debbie, gets sick, and Jolie finds herself adrift, turning back to her first love, Dave to anchor her from the storms in her life. But what good is an anchor if it’s dragging you under? And is Jolie strong enough to leave the man she thought so perfect to find a love that offers life, not death?

The old Daniella Reyes has been reborn.
She’s been infused with the power of the ancient goddess!
And ready to take on an evil religious cult that threatens to destroy her along with a few other innocent souls.
She prepared herself for battle. She had an army of powerful white witches behind her, an ancient priestess and the blessings of a goddess.
But would this be enough to go against one of the darkest and evil cults since David Koresh’s Branch Davidians.

It's the start of a Zombie Apocalypse. George and his family did as instructed by their government, securing their home and await the day they will be saved. But their rations are running low and it would seem that no one is coming to help. Desperate, George leaves his family and heads out to find supplies and hopefully someone to help him and his family. What was supposed to be a few hours of searching, ends up with him being held captive by a local gang leader by the name of Deacon.