Saturday, November 24, 2018

Books in the Spotlight #7 at OurAuthorGang

In the spotlight today
By Erika M Szabo

Children's book for ages 5-10
Have you ever wished to find a dollar tree? What would you do if you found one? A young boy, Lincoln, just happens to discover a dollar tree in an amazing secret garden. Is it a coincidence that strange things begin to happen when he does not share his treasure with others? The boy struggles with a wise old woman’s advice and his childish desires. Should he listen to his inner voice or give in to temptations? In the end, Lincoln learns a valuable lesson about giving and receiving in return. From the proceeds of this book, a donation will be given to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 

Picture book for children 2-8
Dream learning is real, fairies and talking animals live in children's imagination. Terry is struggling to learn numbers. Pansy, Terry’s dog, and Pansy’s best friend, Oliver, the hedgehog, want to help but they don’t know how. When Terry wakes up in the morning, she tells her mother that the fairy showed her the numbers in her dream. Her mother doesn’t believe her, but her grandmother says with a playful smile on her face, “Maybe there is a Number Fairy, sweet pea… Maybe there is.” From the proceeds, the author donates paperback books to non-profit book charities for children. 

Storybook for children 2-8
Penny always wants to do what her big brother does. She imitates his every move and constantly tweets, “Me, too.” Spike is angry at his sister and threatens to name her Metoo, but when the two young chickens face danger, Spike realizes how important family is and happy to have a sometimes annoying, but loving and brave little sister. 

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