Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Character Interview with Taylor Andrews

Welcome back. Today we had Taylor Andrews join us in the studio today for an interview. She was kind enough to join us all the way from Wyoming.  Like so many others to join us recently she has a unique tale to tell. In case you missed her interview this morning we’ve posted the interview below.

“Welcome Ms. Andrews, I’m so glad you could join us today.” I shook her hand as she sat in the seat across from me.

She tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled. “Thanks for having me, Rebecca.”

“So Taylor, can you tell the listeners about yourself?”  I asked.

“I’m nothing special really,” She shrugged.  “just a simple farm girl. I grew up in Tennessee, and I love horses. Its what drew me to Wyoming. I wanted to ride the trails in Yellowstone Park. I was hoping it would help me get over my ex.”

She had my attention now. “A farm girl? What was life like for you growing up?”

“Our farm was small: a few horses and a couple cows. Momma kept chickens too. We had chores every day before school and homework came first thing afterward. It was just mamma, my brother Cooper, and I but we were always happy.” Taylor explained.

“Do you live in a small town or big city now?” I asked wondering what Wyoming was like.

She laughed slightly. “I don’t even think you can call it a town. We live spread out over thousands of acres, but no one has ever called it a town.”

“What attracted you to living in that type of environment?” I couldn’t help being baffled by such an odd living arrangement.

Taylor snorted. “I didn’t pick it.” She smiled again. “That’s where Chase lives. He can’t leave his brother needs him.” I stared, lost. “Chase Drake is my husband. He saved my life on the trail, and I’ve loved him ever since.”
“Chase Drake, I’ve heard that name before.” I pondered. “As in Asher Drake’s brother?” Taylor nodded, and everything she said made sense. “Can you explain to the listeners who don’t know what your husband is, and if there are any other extraordinary people in your life?”

“Sure, Chase is a dragon. Well, a dragon shifter. Think of it like a werewolf only he shifts into a dragon and has full control. Specifically, he is an American dragon, but there are Chinese dragons as well. Oh, and we have a white witch that helps us with problems occasionally.”

I sighed. Every time I heard it I found it unbelievable. “Are dragons like everyone else?”

“Their human halves are.” She shrugged.

“Well, what do you do for fun?” I prompted.

“We love to go country line dancing. Chase is a cowboy through and through, and I love it.” He blue eyes sparkled with the thought.

“What’s one thing that drives you crazy?” I asked, and her cheeks flamed red. “I mean that annoys you.”

Taylor laughed nervously. “I was wondering why that was your business.” She cleared her throat. “He leaves the damn toilet seat up. His dragon tries, but Chase never remembers.”

“Sorry, his dragon can fit in the house?” That was a new one for me.

“Oh no, I should explain.” Taylor thought a moment. Chase and the dragon are separate beings in one body. They share a mind. Both are always there, but only one is in control at a time. Usually, Chase is in control of his human body. On rare occasions though, the dragon takes control of it. Chase can do the same with the dragon body, but he said he never got the hang of flying.”

“Wow,” I stared a moment unable to help it. “Now that you’re married to a dragon is there anything you regret not doing?”

“I should have let Chase kick my ex’s ass.” Taylor smiled.

I wasn’t sure what this ex did, I just assumed by how sweet she was that he deserved it. “Last question: If you could be anything what would you be?”

“A dragon like Chase, so he wouldn’t have to protect me all the time.”

“I’m sure he thinks your perfect the way you are,” I assured her. “Thanks for coming in today Taylor.

“Thanks for having me.” She shook my hand.

Taylor Andrews is the heroine in 
Chased: Dragons of the North Book 1

Chase Drake is the Enforcer for his Territory. He’s kept the peace for the last three years with relative ease. After a fight with a red dragon renders a human woman unconscious Chase has no choice. He has to take her home to protect her until he’s sure the trespasser is gone. Things aren’t that simple when Chase’s dragon says she’s his mate. Can Chase catch Taylor before she’s gone for good?