Thursday, May 24, 2018

King Brandan of Mahorg

King Brandan of Mahorg

Christina Weigand

Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. Firstly, could you introduce yourself?
I am a prince of Crato, King of Mahorg and Master Wizard Brandan.

What is your biggest regret?
Missing out on the love of my family, especially my brother King Joachim and my son (It would be a spoiler if I gave you his name).
What makes you angry?

As a child, what did you aspire to be when you grew up?
Supreme ruler and wizard of all of Ramajadin.

Describe your family.
The first thing I shall share with you is that I am a twin, Joachim is my brother. We are the sons of King Theodric and Queen Lilia of Crato.

Tell us something about the religions and politics of your world.
Each of the four countries, Crato, Mahorg, Grillwood and Imherp is ruled by a king. Crato has an Council  that serve as advisors to the king. Mahorg is ruled by the king alone and recently I have served in that position.

Describe how your system of magic works in your world.
Magic and religion are tied together. Our god is Asha and the rules of magic serve to honor him. Magic performed by the followers of Asha is only performed to as a last measure and only for the purpose of healing the people or the land. And even then healing of people is only done if the illness or injury cannot be healed by human measures and threatens the life of the person. I personally prefer the  magic of Sidramah. I suppose you could call him Satan. His magic has no rules and is fed by negative emotions such as hatred, anger and jealousy. It can be used anytime the wielder feels the need to use it. Definitely my kind of magic.

Describe what it was like for you growing up
Not a pleasant experience that I care to dwell on. Suffice it to say that my twin was the favored son and in my father’s eyes I never measured up. Everything came easily to him while I although not struggling excelled at things that did not appeal to my father, like fighting and dark magic.

Do you feel like you have a handle on your destiny or do you and your author constantly argue over it?
I think it’s a little bit of both. Most of the time I am in control. I recall a time when she wanted to write the story one way and my brother and I didn’t like it. So we went on strike until she threw her ideas out and did it the way we wanted. There was another instance where she had some plans. I didn’t care for them, but knew it had to happen. In the end she compromised and we both got some of what we wanted.

What's more important to you; to live in a world with a family who loves and respects you OR to live in a world where you get to experience one intensely emotional and physical romantic relationship?

Having had an ill-fated marriage that ended in a way that I would prefer not to discuss that a romantic relationship is not high on my list. I spent many years trying to make my family love me only to discover that I really didn’t have to try so hard. My twin brother always loved me no matter what I did. I am sorry that it took me so long to realize that.