Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dragon Mythology part 4

Dragons are spread throughout the world but until I started researching them for my novellas I never realized there were dragon legends in my own backyard. North America is rich in its own dragon lore that no one realizes exists.

There are three types of dragons that were not previously mentioned that live in this area. The first lives in Canada and is known as a Drake. These dragons are small and lizard like with bodies that are close to the ground. They look like large lizards with bellies that are close to the ground like crocodiles. They also do not breathe fire and in some mythology are not as smart as other dragons.

The Mid Atlantic region is home to the Great Serpent. As the name implies these dragons look like serpents and may be large or small. They are imbued with magical powers, guard a specific place or object, or have a unique form of wisdom. They can often control natural phenomena as well. Some great serpents will have horns or antlers. Great Serpents may be totem or ancestors of a family or group. They are often guardians of local wells, watering holes, or sacred places.

The last type of dragon from Meso-America is called a Quetzalcoatl and often takes the form of an
amphiptere. These dragons have the body of a serpent and may or may not possess forelimbs. They will always possess wings that are usually feathered, but can be membranous like a bat instead. This dragon was widely feared throughout Europe, although it can be found throughout the world. If a family featured an amphiptere in their crest they were seen as fierce fighters.

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When I read about the Quetzalcoatl dragon I knew I had to feature it in one of my dragon shifter romances. An American dragon had to appear somewhere in a series set in the USA. Plus it's too cool not to. My newest novella offered the perfect opportunity. While its still a work in progress and I have yet to write the Quetzalcoatl dragon's part I thought I would give you a sneak peek.

Sweet Surrender: Dragons of the South Book 2

At the top of the canyon Paxton uncovered Mac’s 350z roadster and climbed in. Normally Mac drove but Paxton needed to focus on something else right now. Mac got in beside him without a word. Paxton tried not to look at her legs or her thigh that disappeared into her dress even though he knew it ended in a perfectly shaped ass. The car’s speed steadily increased. He took a turn distracted by thoughts of her breasts and only his reflexes saved them. Mac made some offhand comment about him being excited for once. 

Paxton growled excited hell, he needed to get laid. Mac had him so worked up he had to do something before he made a mistake. Paxton loosened his grip on the steering wheel and slowed down. He had to calm down. He took a few deep breaths then looked at Mac. Part of it was her fault. Her emotions were rubbing off on him. Paxton took her hand laughing slightly as he apologized. He shouldn’t have let things get so bad. 


Mac watched her partner. Paxton never acted like this. He never did anything remotely impulsive or based on emotion. Everything with him was a calculated move. Even their partnership was strategic. He did what was best for everyone. Despite being raised together and told from the time they were young that they were going to be partners if Paxton found someone better for the territory he would have paired with them. Mac understood but it stung. 

To see Paxton caught up in this now like some horny teenager was more than amusing. He hadn’t even realized what he was doing for most of the trip to the city. Mac wasn’t exactly playing fair though; once she realized it Mac was fueling those emotions. Paxton needed that push to finally get over himself. Mac settled into her seat as Paxton held her hand. Tonight she’d find a pretty girl for them. Paxton could do whatever he wanted to get comfortable having Mac there and the following night Mac could do as she pleased. Mac could hold out one more night.