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Angel Lore: part 3 by Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

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Today, in part 3 of my Angel Lore series, I’ll be sharing more angel knowledge with you from K – O, as I work my way through the alphabet (see part ONE and part TWO here). But first…

One of the most fascinating aspects of angel lore, for me, has been discovering the many different types and individual angels of mention in the various religious texts and folklores. This discovery of angels prompted me to create, and even mash-up, a few of my own, when writing my Eternal Curse Series. Still, even though I had fun creating new and blended versions of angels, I also enjoyed incorporating some of the more commonly known ones. On to the list…

Kakabek, a holy angel or a fallen angel? The lore isn’t clear; however, this angel is said to be in charge of the stars and is the reason people have astrology.

There’s no way I could briefly mention the things I’ve learned about the most famous angel, Lucifer, so I’ll mention another lesser known one. Especially known as a kind of trouble maker in the Jewish faith, Lahash is said to have tried to stop Moses from sending a prayer to God. Still researching this story to find out why.

While Michael is probably the second most famous angel, I’m not going to talk about him either. I’m going to tell why I think, Malik, of the Muslim faith is one of the coolest angels I’ve come across. He’s described as a wicked angel, but not necessarily fallen. Tasked with guarding the gates of hell, he taunts and tortures the souls that beg to be released. Not that torture is cool, but hey, the guy is literally just doing his job- punishing and detaining the damned.

 Anyone here like giants? Wondering what giants have to do with angels? Ever heard of the Nephilim? The idea of the Nephilim and their descendants (Anakim and Raphaim) are a major influence in my Eternal Curse Series. These are the offspring of pure, yet rogue, angels who took human wives. They grew to be giants and taught humans many new evils, such as the art of war.

Orisha are complicated entities to briefly explain, but here I go. These beings stem from Yoruba, an African religion, and others like it. This is both a monotheistic and polytheistic faith similar to the structure of Hinduism, where orshia are the souls of humans who lived noble lives who are then exalted in death (risen to a godlike status) and function much like guardian angels…

Well, that's all I have for today. Stick around this blog so you don't miss part 4 down the road.

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