Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dragons: What to Know Part II

Dragons: What to Know Part II

Christina Weigand

Like people, dragons come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. In a previous post I talked about their colors and the breath weapons that accompany those colors. That article can be seen here: Dragons1 Today I want to take a look at size.

In actuality their color and size are related although I suspect that there is always one that doesn't fit the set mold.

The black dragon usually weighs in at a cool 160,000 pounds with a forty foot wingspan and a height of sixteen feet. The blue dragon is the same in all but the wingspan. Hers is a whopping eighty feet.

A green dragon comes in a little shorter at ten feet, but still has the weight and wingspan of the blue.

I'm thinking this next dragon, the red dragon, is by far the largest and most fearsome of all the dragons. He will measure in a twenty two feet tall and weigh 1,280,000 pounds. And his wingspan is nothing to sneeze at, measuring 150 feet.

With the white dragon we are back to a more normal size. They are generally sixteen feet tall and weigh 160,000 pounds. There wingspan has been measured at seventy two feet.

A brass dragon is similar measuring sixteen feet tall, 160,000 pounds and a wingspan of sixty feet.

The bronze dragon joins the green dragon in height and weight and wingspan. The copper dragon checks in at sixteen feet tall, weighing 160,000 pounds and an eighty foot wingspan.

The gold dragon. Here take note that I misspoke when talking about the red dragon. The gold dragon matches the height and weight of the red dragon. Her wingspan is a bit smaller at 135 feet. She also tends fight for good instead of the evil the red dragon is famous for.

And finally the silver dragon. He falls into the large category of the red and gold dragon with a wingspan of 150 feet, but the same weight and height.

Needless to say I wouldn't want to meet these dragons in a dark alley, not that they would fit unless it was a big alley.

Like the colors and size their personalities and habitat are as varied as humans. But,I will leave personality and habitats for another post. I will give you a hint though they are not what you expect. So until tomorrow, bensvelk thurkear (good night in dragon).

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