Monday, December 4, 2017

When Art Encompasses All Forms #OurAuthorGang

by Author Grace Augustine
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When you see or hear the word "ART" what comes into your mind? There are so very many forms of art that you may have multiple pictures. Artisans work in a variety of mediums: pottery, wood, iron, food, paints, yarns, textiles, words, notes strung in succession to form beautiful music are only a few ways to express yourself as an artist.

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As most of you know, I have a creative streak. I design custom jewelry, I edit manuscripts, I've sung in many choirs and led them, I write romance novels, and my current passion is acrylic painting on canvas.

I hadn't picked up a brush in over 40 years until a friend and I attended a local Vino VanGogh event. Once that painting was finished, (the Eiffel Tower--goes with book 2 of my Acorn Hills series) I painted canvases for each of my books. I've given some away, and have kept some for future contests.

  This goes with book 5, Richard's Relics

This was inspired by another painting at a doctor's office.

Each art medium is unique...just as the words strung together in sentences and paragraphs of our books. Each tells a story. Each moves our souls... in different ways. Music transports our hearts and spirits to other places. Books, well, books take us to unknown lands...lands we long to visit or be part of.

I encourage you to take a moment or two and try your hand at something artful! It does lower blood pressure and puts a smile on your face.

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