Sunday, July 15, 2018

Our Guest Today is Linda Boulanger #OurAuthorGang

Hi, Linda! So glad to have you with us today! 

   Linda Boulanger is a happily-ever-after author, wife, and mother of four human children and two fur babies. She has an eclectic mix of published books, numerous story singles and short stories in a few group anthologies, plus a slew of always evolving works in progress.
   Along with being an author, she designs book covers for herself and others through Tell~Tale Book Covers and TreasureLine Designs, all from her desk just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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   Castles and swords, lord and ladies, and men that turn into… dragons? When modern-day Luke Tavish found himself in an ancient world, he had to come to terms with the fact that he was more than just a man. Even so, if he hadn’t been so concerned about his family, Luke could have learned to enjoy the place, especially the fair maiden whose mere touch had sent them flailing through time. One thing was certain, she wasn’t your typical Medieval Lady. He’d almost laughed when he’d been told that all he had to do to “unlock his powers” was to sleep with the beauty. Only it wasn’t that simple, as he would find out. A dragon’s heart belonged to his mate for life, and that got complicated when their lives were six hundred years apart—especially when Luke began to feel the future calling him back. 
   But what about Amileigh? What would happen to her when the hands of time began to spin once more? Could he ask her to go with him? Would she even say yes if he did? Fate’s web was about to be tested and it would all come down to human will, a kiss, and the flip of a very special coin.