Wednesday, July 18, 2018

And now, for something a little bit Ms. Babou #OurAuthorGang

   We have some awwwwwwesome authors here at our gang who have some incredible fur babies. I loved the story of Loki (who FINALLY has a name, thank you very much!) and the one of Mango T.  How fun is that? ***paw to mouth kitteh snickers*** The red pandas at the zoo are pretty cool, too!
   Hi, everyone! Man, if mom knew I took control of her computer she'd be upset! I wouldn't get snuggles for a whole day...I'm willing to risk that, though, because I want to tell you MY story. 

   Four years ago, I found my forever home with some cool humans. You see, I was abandoned. I had no place to go. I was scared and I was trapped under a mobile home. The moment my boy cuddled me, I knew I was safe, that I'd be okay.
   Mom, that's what I call her anyway, and my boy, took me to the kitteh doctor for a check up. I was a mess. I weighed 1.3 lbs, had earmites that drove me crazy, and needed my wounds fixed.
   Two weeks later, I weighed 4 lbs. My favorite place was either under Mom's chin or on her computer. Little did I know I would become an author kitteh someday!
   I grew stronger and gained more weight. There was a sparkle in my eye, but I was still very wary of strangers or loud noises. And, I wouldn't go close to the doors or windows. I loved snuggling on the soft ISU blanket, though. GO CYCLONES! ***kitteh snickers***
   Living close to an open field and in a mobile home provided me with much entertainment--field mice. They truly weren't much bigger than me, and I enjoyed annoying the snot out of the little buggers. We'd play, I'd get bored, they'd was a nice game.
   I continued helping Mom write, and bugged her until she put a cat in one of her books. It wasn't me, but some British feline she named Simon. Can you imagine? Here I am wanting my few minutes of fame and she gives it to an imaginary cat...a boy cat at that!
   Now I'm a year old! I've researched every nook and cranny of this mobile home. I've surveyed the African violets that were once mom's passion. I've investigated under and above the closets...and I continued to patrol and toy with the little rodents who invaded my privacy...usually when I was sound asleep in the sun on the back of the couch!
   A year passed and we moved to a safer place. It was weird. It wasn't sprawled out like the mobile home...there were no mice. It took me a long time to come out from hiding under my boy's bed. It was traumatic to leave all that I knew to come to this new place. I felt like I was being abandoned, again.
   I'm four years old now. You can tell my favorite place is on the coffee table...right next to the tray of beautiful crystals. I love the energy of the clear quartz point and often rub up against it. It makes me purr.
   I continue to snuggle and play tag with my boy. I've stopped biting mom (for the time being...unless she needs to spend time with me, then I get her attention...without hurting her, of course.) I love laying on my favorite blanket on her lap and stretching out full length of her legs and sleeping. **kitteh sigh** 
   I love my human family so much! They play with me, love me, hold me when I'm frightened, and talk with me. There's still hope out there for all of you fur friends. to find your human. One day you will capture the heart of your forever home, just like I did. Mine was truly heaven sent. Sending all of you kitteh kisses and snuggles. =^.^=
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      Oh yeah, and if you want to check out this Simon character, look at my mom's Amazon page. He appears in ETHEREAL AUTHORITY and in IF ONLY---both books are part of her DIVA TO THE GUIDES series. She's got some other really cool books, too!