Saturday, October 13, 2018

I Dare You to Write a Halloween Story: Part 1

I challenged the authors in our Facebook group to write their own unique story by continuing after the paragraph I posted.
~Erika M Szabo

The first paragraph of the story:
John enjoyed the quiet evening with Mandy, his wife, and with his loyal dog, Honeydew, after the Trick or Treater children stopped knocking on the door demanding candy. Mandy fell asleep on the sofa and the golden retriever was dreaming on her pillow close to the crackling fire about something that made her kick and grunt in her sleep. John put another log in the fireplace and sat back on his rocking chair thinking about Hallows' Eve when the barrier between our world and the world of ghosts and spirits is thin. Anything could happen tonight, he thought closing his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Honeydew's soft growl. John looked at his dog and a chill shot through him. The dog stared at the dark corner with fright in her brown eyes, whimpered and moved closer to John’s chair putting her large head on his master’s lap.

My Halloween story:
“What’s wrong, Honeydew?” John asked patting the dog’s head and turned his head to look at the dark corner.
John jumped up in fright when he saw an eerie, shadowy figure. The dog growled as the smoky figure lingered in the corner.
“What do you want? Leave her alone!” John yelled as he reached Mandy with a few long strides and cuddled her in his arms.
Honeydew continued growling and barked loudly as she positioned herself between the shimmering figure and the people she loved most. The ghostly figure didn’t move, it hovered above the floor.
John keeping an eye on the ghostly figure shook his wife, "Mandy, wake up!" 
Mandy's head lolled from side to side as John shook her and a deep moan escaped her lips. Her eyes remained closed and when John moved her, her arms limply fell to her side. 
Something is wrong, something is very wrong. Frantic thoughts ran through John's mind. He reached for the phone and dialed 911 while still tried to shake Mandy awake.
Honeydew whimpered and moved closer to John and when he looked up, the ghostly figure was gone. He heard the ambulance pulling up the driveway. He turned Mandy on her side and rushed to open the door.
The paramedic checked Mandy's vital signs and asked John about her medical history while checking Mandy's blood sugar. "Oh, boy! Her sugar level is so low, no wonder you couldn't wake her up!" he said as he administered glucose.
A few minutes later Mandy opened her eyes and looked around feeling confused and tired, "What happened?" she asked.
"Your sugar level dropped and you passed out. You're okay now, thanks to the ghost who warned me to check on you."
"A ghost?" Mandy asked while stared at the dark corner wide-eyed and shivered as she remembered looking down from above in her dream. She recalled hearing Honeydew's whimper and John's frantic shouting, and then she woke up.

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