Saturday, February 16, 2019

Better than Perfect

Valentines Day might be over, but many people are still celebrating the romantic holiday over the weekend - and beyond! Romance lovers tend to gravitate toward romantic movies and books year round. Though I'm not a romance writer, I do enjoy weaving some romance into my books from time to time.

In my novel, Better than Perfect, my main character Karlie doesn't have much time for romance in her crazy life. That doesn't stop her from meeting not one, but two romantic interests. Though this might sound like a love triangle situation, that isn't so! There is much more to Karlie's life than finding the perfect date. Most of her time is spent supporting an elderly neighbor who has custody of her juvenile delinquent twin grandsons. For Karlie, community and friendship are far more important than having a boyfriend, and when she's forced to choose between having fun or helping a neighbor, she decides to do the right thing even when it breaks her heart.

Here's what a few reviewers have to say about Better than Perfect:

There are so many important life lessons in this shows you that life isn't always pieced together perfectly, and that's okay. It's how we deal with those curves that life throws at us that define who we are. If you are looking for a feel good read with a cute little romance this is your book. I loved it! ~ Amazon Customer

Family is family. Love is love, no matter how that is defined by you. This was a really enjoyable way to spend a day. I could hardly put it down. It progresses nicely without seeming to "push" too much. I loved the reminders in here that you don't have to be blood to be family and that what we thought was what we wanted isn't what's best for us or even really what we wanted in the long run. I will more than likely reread this...and I already can't wait. ~ C. Sullivan

If this looks like a book you might like to try, it can be found on Amazon and at several other online retailers in both ebook and paperback format.


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