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What’s It All Mean? A study of words part 1 by Toi Thomas
Back in 2014, I participated in a 31-day blog challenge called, Write 31 Days. It was a really big thing back then (not sure if it’s even around now). In any case, I chose to write about my love of words and their meanings. I have no intention of going back to revisit all 31 of my old posts, but I would like to look back at some of my favorite posts in that series and offer a brief commentary on my perspective from then to now. I hope you enjoy it.

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The image above is the button I used throughout my 31-days of posting. The button itself is a riddle. In case you can’t read it, it says, “Beau is none of these, but the master of them all.” That means the word of the day is Beau.

You may get this little riddle quite easily, but please allow me the fun of explaining it anyway. The key to this riddle is in the images present and the understanding that the English language is quite unforgiving in its complexity.

1) Beau is pronounced [bō]. It means boyfriend or suitor, but it can also be someone’s name, such as the famous Beau Bridges.

Now let’s take a look at what Beau is the master of.

2) The bow and arrow, also known as archery. The bow is pronounced [bō].

3) The violin (or some other string instrument) is played with the use of a bow; again pronounced [bō].

4) The hair bow or bow-tie. I guess Beau is really good at tying them. Don’t think I need to pronounce it this time, but wait until we look at the last image.

5) Here we have two people bowing. Beau can bow. In fact, he’s pretty good at it; however, this word is pronounced [bou] like ‘how’. This is a perfect example of the contradictive nature of the English language… Oh boy, is this language fascinating!
Be sure to stick around for my next post on July 14. Loki, our mascot, and I have a special treat for you.

My next post in this series will be July 25 and I’ll be breaking down the meaning of my name.

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