Monday, February 5, 2018

Plotting and Planning – How quickly things can change

By Ruth de Jauregui

Flexibility is key when outlining nonfiction books and articles. You may think you're working from a nice, neat, well-researched outline -- and then it takes an unexpected turn.

Your original outline can change as you research the individual items and/or chapters. For example, when I was compiling the list of 50 tomatoes for 50 Fabulous Tomatoes for Your Garden, I incorporated varieties I was familiar with as well as those recommended by friends and family. However, as I began writing the book, I found that some tomatoes were simply not available, some had poor reviews and some had no information on their origins. In some cases, I found conflicting information. Thus, I had to make changes to my plan.

Don't be afraid to make changes, even if it changes the course of your project. Better to do it right than to have misleading or incorrect information – your name is attached to it!

My next series of posts will focus on the classic authors of speculative fiction – my all time favorites! See you soon!

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