Thursday, October 4, 2018

Zombie Lore

Zombies have gained popularity in recent years. Movies like Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, and Zombie Land paved the way for popular television shows. The most popular show is The Walking Dead which is now a cultural icon. Not many seem to know where zombie legends came from.

There are some that are at least familiar with their roots in Haitian culture and Voodoo religion. Bokors are Voodoo priests that practice black magic and are said to have the power to create and raise zombies. These priests use a special powder called coup padre. This powder contains a toxin that renders the victim in a state that seems like they are dead. They are then buried by the family until the Bokor digs them up. The victim has lost all memory and becomes a mindless drone. They will remain this way until the Bokor dies
What many don’t realize is that the roots of zombie lore are much older and obscure than that. Some believe the earliest origins are in the eighth century. Archeologists believe that the Greeks may have been the first culture terrorized by zombies. They found evidence of skeletons weighed down by rocks or other heavy objects as if to keep the bodies in their graves.

Other archeologists have theories that the Mayan culture may have been wiped out by a zombie apocalypse. There is evidence of widespread cannibalism. There is evidence on bones found in and around Mayan cities of bones torn from their sockets then immediately eaten clean. Further evidence shows entire villages consuming themselves in a matter of days.

Evidence found in Syria shows bodies during the Stone Age that were originally buried were later dug up. The heads were smashed up or decapitated. They aren’t certain why this was done.  Many theorize it was to prevent the dead coming back to life.

Placing stones on top of graves was believe to originated out of the fear that the dead might come back to life. Eventually smaller heavy stones turned into one large gravestone.
No matter what you believe, zombies are here to stay. They are embedded in our culture and gain in popularity every day.

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