Sunday, June 4, 2017

Our Author Gang

Today is the launch day of our brand new blog

A Small Gang of Authors 

We are a group of authors and we write various genre books.

We will take turns and post something new, interesting an fun every day.
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Thank you!

What brought us together on this blog:
First and foremost, our shared love for writing.
We like to "hang out" together, helping each another other
by promoting each other's books, blogs, events,
and doing whatever we can to support one another.

We take turns posting about our books,
the rewards as well as the difficulties of publishing and book promotion,
and about things we enjoy in everyday life.

We need your support, please visit our blog often,
comment on our posts and share our posts.
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Every hug is greatly appreciated, and thank you for your support!

The Authors in this group

Joe Bonadonna

Read about Joe's books on his PAGE

Hello out there in cyberspace! I write Heroic Fantasy, Space Opera, Sword & Planet Sci-Fi, Sword and Sorcery Fantasy, Children's Books, and I also dabble a bit in Horror stories.

Why do I write?
My Dad gave me not only a love for old movies, but also my love of reading by bringing home children's books and teaching me to read before I was in kindergarten. I've been writing off and on over the years since 5th grade. In my 30s and 40s I settled down and got serious about writing. I retired in 2010, and have not stopped writing since. I can't. Storytelling for me is an addiction.

Erika M Szabo

Read about Erika's books on her PAGE

I became an avid reader at a very early age, thanks to my dad who introduced me to many great books. I write alternate history, romantic fantasy, magical realism novels as well as fun, educational, and bilingual books for children ages 4-12 about acceptance, friendship, family, and moral values such as accepting people with disabilities, dealing with bullies, and not judging others before getting to know them. I also like to encourage children to use their imagination and daydream about fantasy worlds.

Why do I write?
Writing is my passion and my hobby because I'm not a big talker but because I have a lot to say, I write. I do have as much anxiety about my writing as any author:
Are they going to like what I write?
Am I going to get a lot of criticism?
Will my books become popular?
When I'm in doubt, I always recall the day when we had to do a book report on one of the assigned books back in school. It was the War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Half of our class absolutely loved the book, and half the kids hated it. One girl asked the teacher why he assigned such a boring, stupid book, the other one hushed her saying, “You’re stupid and boring. This book is brilliantly written.”
The teacher smiled and replied, “Now kids, today you’ve learned a valuable lesson. Every reader's likes and preferences are different, but every writer who has the courage to put their thoughts and feelings on paper has something to say. And, eventually, every book finds its reader. If you have something to say, say it. Even if only a few friends and family members will read it, you will leave a mark with your book, 'I was here'.”

Mary Anne Yarde

Read about Mary Anne's books on her PAGE

Mary Anne Yarde is an award winning author of the International Best  Selling Series — The Du Lac Chronicles. Set a generation after the fall of King Arthur, The Du Lac Chronicles takes you on a journey through Dark Age Briton and Brittany, where you will meet new friends and terrifying foes. Based on legends and historical fact, the Du Lac Chronicles is a series not to be missed.
Born in Bath, England, Mary Anne Yarde grew up in the southwest of England, surrounded and influenced by centuries of history and mythology. Glastonbury--the fabled Isle of Avalon--was a mere fifteen-minute drive from her home, and tales of King Arthur and his knights were part of her childhood.

Why do I write?
I think, for me, writing is like breathing. It is something that I have to do. It is an addiction that I have no intention of trying to quit!

Tima Maria Lacoba

Read about Tima Maria's books on her PAGE

I'm Tima Maria Lacoba, a former ancient historian and archaeologist who accidentally smashed a 3,000 Egyptian vase while on my first dig! My supervisor made me glue it back together again. It took a week. From there I went on to specialise in late Roman-British archaeology, and the military forts along Hadrian’s Wall, because buildings don’t smash as easily. Now I’ve combined my love of history with another passion – story-telling – to create a gothic romance series laced with action, mystery and suspense.

Zrinka Jelic

Read about Zrinka's books on her PAGE

Zrinka Jelic lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and two children. A PAN member of the Romance Writers of America and Savvy Authors, she writes contemporary fiction—which sometimes leans toward the paranormal—and adds a pinch of history. Her characters come from all walks of life, and although she prefers red, romance comes in many colors. Given Jelic’s love for her native Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, her characters usually find themselves dealing with a fair amount of sunshine, but that’s about the only break they get.

Mackenzie Flohr

Read about Mackenzie's books on her PAGE

Mackenzie Flohr grew up in the heartland of America, chasing leprechauns and rainbows and dreaming of angels. Her parents nurtured a love of fantasy and make-believe by introducing her at a very young age to the artistic and cultural opportunities that the city of Cleveland had to offer.
From the time she could hold a pencil, Mackenzie was already creating pictorial interpretations of classic stories, and by the age of nine, she and a childhood friend were authors and reviewers of their own picture books.
While following her love of adventure, Mackenzie found a second home, the Beck Center for the Arts Children's and Teen Theater School. It was there that a world of wonder was only a script and a performance away.
Yet it wasn't until she was on a trip to Indiana, viewing a Lord of the Rings exhibit, that the innermost desire of her heart became clear to her. She wanted to write a fantasy of her own, one that could inspire imagination in others and lead them into a magical world of their own making. She hopes The Rite Of Wands will do just that.
Wherever we live and wherever we come from is our individual heartland. Anything is possible and everything can happen. Pure imagination is in all of us—we only need to discover it, and sometimes story telling helps.