Wednesday, December 26, 2018

There is a New Release in the house

New release
by PJ Mann

Sincerely I have no idea about how did everything happen this year. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't even think for a second about what I was doing or what was going on around me. Fact is that last August I realized the second book of the series Deadly Deception was finished and ready to be sent to the editor.
So without thinking about it twice, just like an automated command, I sent a message to my editor and minutes after the draft was on her expert hands ready to be polished.
It took more than I expected as I hoped to have it ready for the public for Halloween, one of the best periods to publish a book, mainly a horror or, like in my case, a psychological thriller.

Here is the blurb:

Something keeps Laura Jefferson up at night. Maybe it’s the Boston traffic, maybe the sounds of the city outside her apartment window, maybe the stresses of day to day life. Whatever it is, when she’s offered a radical treatment at a secluded hotel, she doesn’t even hesitate.

But while the hotel is perfect, the grounds idyllic, and Dr. Wright and his staff friendly and eager to help, it isn’t long before Laura’s fellow patients begin acting strangely, some even dropping out of the program altogether, disappearing into the night. As Laura loses chunks of time, a detective arrives, and the questions at the heart of the hotel begin to unravel.
Continuing the trilogy, Deadly Deception -Insomniac- draws closer to the mystery of Dr. Wright’s research, and the lies behind Laura’s perfect night of sleep.

Once again, the idea for the plot arrived after a late evening discussion with my husband about conspiracy theories. I do not believe in those theories, but for a moment I started to think about the possibility, and it was like the whole story was already in my mind. The characters in my imagination got excited and begun to tell me about their stories.

Every book of this trilogy has a different main character, which due to his or her problems ends up in the studio of one of the most renowned names of the psychiatry: Dr. Wright. His resume is impressive, and nobody would ever suspect the real reason behind the unusual therapies he is offering, also because all his patients gave extremely positive feedbacks after the treatments they'd receive. But nothing is as it seems and it is up to the reader to find out how the story will evolve.
You can find the book, available at the moment only as ebook here:
If you want to know more about the other books I have written, including the first part of the series, here is the place where you can find them all: