Sunday, August 26, 2018

Our guest today is author Chad Elliott #OurAuthorGang

How exciting to have you with us today, Chad! 
     I was first introduced to this guy a few years ago. He opened at a local music/arts venue for Canadian icon, Garnet Rogers. (We'll explore Chad's music career later this year.) He's not only a musican, but an artist and children's book writer. 
     He performs at schools all over the state of Iowa with his children's books, which he wrote, illustrated and produced accompanying music CD's. I was privileged to have Chad as an author participant at the first Wine, Book, Music event at Fireside Winery, Marengo, Iowa.

    Chad Elliott holds a degree in visual arts. While in college, he discovered a love for the art of music in addition to painting and ceramics. Elliott’s music career stretches far beyond this first Wilderman’s book. He has been touring the country for 20 years performing. Chad's artwork can be purchased at events or through his website.
     You can reach Chad at:

     Wilderman’s Treetop Tales is a collection of whimsical lyrics and paintings created by International award-winning songwriter, Chad Elliott. 
     The book is designed for ages 3-10 and contains both heartwarming and giggle-worthy poetry accompanied by Chad’s own illustrations. Chad brings 10 of the lyrics from the book to life in the companion music album, also titled Wilderman’s Treetop Tales.           Together, the book and album create an interdisciplinary offering of art, music and writing which allows the whole family to embrace wild imagination. Learn more about the project at