Saturday, April 28, 2018

Our Guest Today is Donna Mercer

  Hi, Howdy and Hello There!! My name is Donna R. Mercer and I am a writer of Romance. I know many people like to stick writers into nice little safe categories, but I hate to be put in a box.  My current works that are out would fall under the category of Contemporary Romances or Romantic Suspense, but I am not just limited to that one thing. I am currently working on a Paranormal Romance Novel for a collection that is going to debut in October for Romance Collection. I am also working on Sci-fi Romance Series that will debut next year.
I live in Colorado with my slew of family and animals. I do have a website at where you can surf around and find out about me, but if you want to interact with me the best place to do so would be in my Facebook Group Risque Raiders. I am online all the time. But if Facebook is not your thang you can also hit me up on Twitter@MissSassy714 or InstaGram@wyldeivory.

My Current Books that are out include:

Jericho: A Club Envy BWWM Romance Novel
"How could I resist her. She was everything a guy like me wanted in a woman like her. Beauty, Sexy, Intelligence and a mean right hook. She was definitely a MILF!"

I don't know what overcame me? One look from his sexy eyes and my body was on fire. I couldn't resist his desire to extinguish it. I couldn't even do like Jamie suggest and blame it on the alcohol.  All I could do was scream Jericho.

Sebastian: A Club Envy BWWM Romance Novel 
Dr. Sebastian Croft is used to playing by the rules. His rules. So, what does he do when his rules say to leave the hot new doctor alone? He breaks them! After all they don't call him Dr. McHottie for no reason.

Dr. Olivia Winter always plays by the rules. Their rules. So what does she do when all the rules point to Sebastian being a thief? She breaks them! After all they don't call her Dr. Ice for no reason.

Studdin’ Axxel: Inappropriate Date Agency is my first novel released in Kindle Unlimited. Check it out!!
Are your parents bugging you about getting married?

Do you have a family event coming up and don't want to her the constant nagging from your friends and relatives about the joys of wedded bliss?

Need to get people off of your back about dating. Then let the Inappropriate Date Agency help you.

We will match you with the perfect candidate to make your family leave you alone.

Our "dates" all come with a prison record of some sort and are guaranteed to make your mother cry and your father curse. They will not pass a standard background check. Our dates can act as a friend you just meet in your local bar to pretending to be your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend.

They can hit on relatives of the opposite sex while you pretend not to see anything (for a small additional fee they can hit on relatives of the same sex).

Our dates can instigate an argument in religion or politics as your needs required. Contact us at 1-800-BAD-DATE and let us help you torment your family for the holidays.

Look for future releases in both the Club Envy Series and the Inappropriate Date Agency Series. For up-to-date information follow me on Facebook or join my newsletter.
Thanks for having me and hope to hear from you soon!!