Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dragons: What to Know Part 1

Dragons: What to Know Part 1

By: Christina Weigand

What can I say about dragons? I have numerous dragons that inhabit my world. For sure too many to count and new ones are always showing up to populate my books.

They come in all colors and have different breath powers. When I started researching my dragons I discovered that there are several different breath powers that depend on the color of the dragon. A black dragon breathes acid. The blue dragon breathes lightning. A green dragon will breathe chlorine gas. I bet if you stop and think about it you can guess what a red dragon breathes. If not I will tell you, they breathe fire. The white dragon, come on take a guess. No, well a white dragon breathes frost. I think one of them must have visited southwestern Pennsylvania recently, based on the temperatures we have been experienced this past winter. The brass dragon breathes fire and sleep gas. I could certainly use him on those sleepless nights. A bronze dragon breathes a cone of repulsion gas and a line of lightning. He would be a good one to have on your side in a battle. The copper dragon breathes slow gas and a line of acid while the gold dragon breathes a cone of weakness and fire, a good tool for fighting the enemy. The silver dragon breathes a paralyzing gas and a cone of cold. He may have been with the white dragon that visited Pennsylvania.

Now you may be asking what happens to a dragon who is not one of those colors? My opinion is that you would have to look to that dragon’s parents, so say a purple dragon like Myrria would have had parents that were blue and red. So she would be able to breathe lightning and fire.

Dragons also come in all shapes and sizes as well as living in different lairs, eating different foods, having different enemies and collect different treasures. Much like humans you cannot judge one by another, for dragons are as different as humans. And don't you dare think that they are all the same, because the minute you do that the dragon will gladly demonstrate how she is different.

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