Sunday, September 24, 2017

Prose and Poetry #OurAuthorGang

by Author Grace Augustine

Excerpts from a 40 year compilation of prose and poetry:

A day in the life of a clown
For one and all to see
Sometimes up, sometimes down
So, what's right for me?
Am I now alone
In this foolish game?
Can I still condone
Life's fortune and it's fame?
Do these tears still fall
Drowning what's not right?
How I fail to hear you call
As you whisper in the night.
I want to be aglow
From all the love you give...
Your warmth I want to know
So I'll more fully live.
I need to be with you
In all parts of my day.
To find our love renewed
Through all the words we say.

Porcupine quills
Puncture the sensitive tendons
Of the soul
As the precious life blood
Seeps through
The pin-hole openings
Draining all energy and emotion
Traumatic transformation occurs slowly
One in which all systems shut down
Only to become
Stony grey and cold and hard
My heart and I cry
Icicle tears.

Dance Little Snowflakes, Dance
On silver skates you'll twirl
Late at night 'til early morn
With laziness you'll swirl.

The children laugh aloud,
You can even hear them skate.
Rows and rows of snowmen
Now stand guard around the lake.

The chilly North winds blow,
You seem to heed their call.
Float then gently down,
Uniting as you fall.

Biting, whirring whirlwinds
Create mounds of deep white fluff.
The piles grow ever higher.
Isn't this enough?