Friday, April 13, 2018

A Few Words of Encouragement #ourauthorgang

Rich Feitelberg

I’m interrupting my regular series of posts for this public service announcement. My series of posts on my fantasy world will resume in two weeks, but first I want to make this offer to everyone …

As some of the readers of this blog may know, I write fantasy novels and have a rich fantasy world in which the stories are set. But it wasn’t
always so. It has taken me years to reach this point after burning out completely to the point where I couldn’t write anything and rebuilding and retraining myself so I could string together a few words and working my way up to stories and novels. In this way, it was very much like a person who has had a stroke and has to retrain to walk and move again.

I say all this so the aspiring writers among you will know that for many writers, the writing process is hard won. A very few can just pluck stories off a tree and have success. This is important to remember as you struggle in your own writing.

As further encouragement to you, let me also point that I do a anywhere from six to twelve events every year where I sell my work. Often at such events I am approached by aspiring writers of fantasy. In all cases I offer to help them with their writing because I believe it is important to give back. No one really helped me get to this point and I want to ease the burden for others because I know it is easy to delay and defer and get lost in rat holes because your thinking is misguided.

And I want to make the same offer to readers here: if you are a writer of fantasy and want help, please contact me. The help can be to review a story and give feedback or discuss and idea or get advice on want you should do solve your current dilemma. Whatever it is, I’m here to help. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

I can be reached at

Thank you.