Saturday, May 11, 2019

Our 6 Days Blog-hop Starts Tomorrow, May 12

Play with us, have fun, and win prizes

Here is how to play:
Each day during the 6 days blog-hop:
There will be 2 blog post on the OAG authors' blogs. (see the scheduled dates and blog links below)
The authors will post about their books and hide a secret word, for you to find, in the post.
If you don't have time to visit the blogs on the given dates, no worries! You can catch up the next day, just make it sure you visit the blogs from #1 to #12, so you can collect the hidden words in order.

Collect a hidden word from each blog.
The secret words will be hidden in the text of the posts between 6 asterisks such as ***-----***

If you visit every blog on the list:
You'll have 12 words which makes a quote about writing.

At the last stop on the 17th of May:
Enter the correct 12 words quote in the CONTEST ENTRY form.

The list of the participating blogs:

Enjoy the blog posts, have fun, and good luck to be one of the winners!