Saturday, August 11, 2018

Loki’s Animal Stories: Margie the Scaredydog Finds a Home.

Today in Loki’s Animal Stories, author Toi Thomas recounts a true animal adventure as told from the perspective of Loki, A Small Gang of Authors mascot. So, it’s a fake true story. Enjoy!


I was so happy when Our Author Gang member, Toi Thomas, and her husband decided to rescue a dog and bring it into their home. Our Author Gang has been good to me, so I love knowing that they are sharing the love with other animals.

When Toi first brought Margie home, it was clear that “rescue” was more than simply a label applied to this redhead pooch. Dog’s like me sometimes forget that not all dogs are raised in loving homes. When Margie first came to live with Toi, she didn’t know what carpet was and hesitated every time she stepped from a hard surface to a carpeted one. Margie was also afraid to walk down dark hallways. Toi and her husband had to start leaving the hallway light on for her to move around. Margie even got her ‘scaredydog’ nickname from the fact that she still jumps when people open or close doors or open soda cans and bottles.

Still, this isn’t a sad story. It’s a triumphant one. While Margie had many more obstacles to overcome on her journey to accepting her place as a fur-baby in Toi’s home, she’s now comfortable in her home and loves her human family.

I’ll be sure to share more of her journey down the road.

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