Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Procrastination, a bad companion

If you are a writer, but generally in every situation, you understand that when you have a schedule, this is supposed to be honored. Following a schedule is like giving your word, it is a promise you made whether with your employer, with the chores of the house with your friends but mostly with yourself.

The good old say ‘don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ holds a very important piece of advice and here there are a few reasons why you should follow this golden rule. The three most important of those are the followings:

1. If you keep procrastinating, you will forget about what you need to do, and you will end up with broken promises, and troubles.

2. You will accumulate so many things at the end that you won’t be able to do at the time they were due.

3. You will spend nights of sleep, trying to keep up a schedule that was perfectly feasible and became impossible.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Maybe yes and maybe not.
The problem is that I have always been the kind of person that wanted to be ahead of schedule so that I could enjoy my free time without any panic.
Becoming a writer, turned my schedules upside down, and suddenly like the transformation between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I have turned myself from Dr. always-organized to Ms. live-now-worry-later.
The problem is that living now to worry later means that I will be not just worried, I will be in full panic. So what is the end of this story?
Organize yourself, if you aren’t able, keep a calendar, if you think you will risk ignoring the calendar, put alarms during the whole day, but don’t risk to forget things, appointments, duties, and schedules.
I know it might sound like an obvious advice, but you will never know when it will happen that you will also turn into Mr. live-now-worry-later!