Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hometown Memories Part 2

The Seasons at Letchworth

Marti Hurlburt
Carol Groat
Jonathan Lee
Letchworth is a gorgeous park no matter what time of year it is.  In the spring, the water rushing from the thaw has the  tributaries displaying their seasonal waterfalls while the major ones are in their full glory. 

Jonathan Lee
Lori Naqpier
Sandy Sucher
Eli De'Enn
In the fall, nature outdoes herself.  The colors add so much to the experience of visiting the park.  It was my favorite time to go.  The colors seemed to make the entire area glow.  It felt more magical.  Each stop a new palette of color to stimulate your brain while the sounds from the rushing water cleansed your soul.

Joe Pecoraro
Carol Groat

Jeanne Mcnamara
Sandy Sucher

Fall in all its glory just sings of cosy fires and hot spicy apple cider.  It makes me think of friends.

Carol Groat

Claire Harrington

 Winter offers its own special touch to the scenery here.  Even in its icy grip, the power of the falls is evident.

John Wilber
Jonathan Lee

Katie Houseknecht

 Colleen Przybysz

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures which bring my memories of this beautiful place to mind.   

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