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Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots: Guest Post ~ Erika M Szabo #Hungarian #myths #lege...

Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots: Guest Post ~ Erika M Szabo #Hungarian #myths #lege...: I am handing the blog over today to fantasy / children’s author, Erika M Szabo . Erika is going to introduce us to Hun...

The Pesky Parrot #OurAuthorGang

Today I'm posting about my Award Winner bilingual children's book,
Pico, The Pesky Parrot
Pico, el Loro Latoso

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The purpose of this English and Spanish bilingual book is to show children the beauty of the English and Spanish language side by side. The story also delivers a message to children about family values, accepting people with disability and finding a solution to problems with friends as a group. Also, when we don’t take the time to listen to each other, we tend to judge others quickly before we get to know them. 

About the story:
Sarah, Emma’s mom, promised to bird-sit Pico for two weeks but soon regrets her decision because the noisy parrot keeps screeching and squawking all day, annoying her family and the neighbors. When Pico makes a mess of Emma’s room, Emma gets very angry, but her friends help her. Charlotte notices that Pico seems sad, and Pedro finds out why Pico is shrieking so loudly all the time. The parrot is frustrated because nobody pays attention to him, and nobody understands what he wants.

Review quotes:
"As a former ESL teacher, I was impressed by author Erika’s bilingual story about a pesky parrot and wondered why books like this one (written in both English and Spanish at many reading levels and interest ranges) were not available when I was teaching." ~Bette A. Stevens

"Pico the Pesky Parrot is an adorable story that teaches a strong message of compassion, community, and communication." ~Janet Balletta

 Pages from the story

English Page:
When it was time to go to the airport, Molly dropped off her bird and cat at Sarah’s house. Miau started playing with Emma’s cats right away, but Pico flew on top the sofa and started squawking. 
Pico looked at Molly with suspicion in his beady eyes. He anxiously shifted his weight from one foot to the other perching on the sofa and shrieked, “Irgr, irgr, irgr.” Pico seemed angry and afraid and started scratching the sofa cushion with her sharp claws.
“I’m so sorry Pico, but I will be back soon. Goodbye, Pico.” Molly said with tears in her eyes, and she left quickly.
Dennis, Sarah’s husband, was not happy, “This bird will drive me crazy!” he shouted.
“Not a peep out of you Dennis, I didn’t say a word when you brought your friend’s Great Dane home while he was on vacation.”
“Sorry honey, you’re right.” Dennis calmed instantly. “I’ll zip my mouth and take the screeching for two weeks without a word, I promise.”

Spanish page:
Cuando llego el momento de ir al aeropuerto, Molly llevó al loro y a la gata a casa de Sarah. Miau empezó a jugar con los gatos de Emma en seguida, pero Pico se posó sobre el sofá y empezó a gritar.
Pico miró a Molly con recelo en sus brillantes ojos —¡Irgr, irgr, irgr!
Pico parecía enfadado y asustado y empezó a arañar el cojín del sofá con sus afiladas garras. 
—Lo siento mucho, Pico, pero volveré pronto. Adiós Pico —dijo Molly con lágrimas en los ojos, y se marchó rápidamente.
Dennis, el marido de Sara, no estaba feliz.
—¡Este pájaro me va a volver loco! —gritó.
—No digas ni pío, Dennis. Cuando trajiste a casa al Gran Danés de tu amigo mientras él estaba de vacaciones, yo no dije ni una palabra.
—Lo siento, cariño, tienes razón —Se calmó rápidamente Dennis—. Cerraré la boca y aguantaré los chillidos sin decir una palabra, lo prometo.

English page:
After Charlotte had put the thought in Emma’s head that Pico might be trying to tell them something, Emma looked at the bird differently.
“I wish I knew what you want Pico,” she said to the bird.
Pico looked at her, ruffled his feathers and shrieked, “Quue, quue, quue, manzzaarrna, manzzaarrna.”
Emma got angry. “Oh, there you go again! I don’t know what you want, and I have had enough of your screeching. Shoo, get out of my room, shoo!”
The bird looked at her with sad, intelligent eyes and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.
“Didn’t you hear me? Shoo!” Emma yelled.
Pico kicked his body up into the air and flew out of Emma’s room.
Emma felt angry and sad at the same time and a little embarrassed, “I’m trying to talk to a stupid bird,” she whispered.

Spanish page:
Después de que Charlotte le hubiera sugerido que Pico podría estar intentando decirles algo, Emma empezó a mirar al pajaro de un modo diferente.
—Ojalá supiera qué quieres, Pico —le dijó al loro.
–Pico la miró, agitó sus plumas y parloteó: – ¡Quué, quué, quué, manzzaarrna, manzzaarrna!
—¡Ya estás otra vez! No sé qué quieres y ya estoy harta de tus chillidos. ¡Vete, sal de mi habitación, vete!
El loro la miraba perspicaz con ojos tristes mientras cambiaba su peso de una pata a otra.
—¿No me has escuchado? ¡Vete! —gritó Emma.
Y de un salto, Pico salió volando de la habitación de Emma. La niña se sintió enfadada y triste a la vez, y además, un poco avergonzada.
Estoy intentando hablar con un pájaro estúpido —susurró.

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