Thursday, February 21, 2019

365: Poetry by Cindy J. Smith at #OurAuthorGang

Poems from the Heart
This collection was created from my 2017 New Years Resolution. Seeing and hearing various remarks about the new year being "a clean slate" and that "each day is a new page in life write something fresh" inspired me to vow to write a poem everyday. I do write almost everyday so I challenged myself to collect the very first poem, no matter the topic, as the day's offering. No theme was involved, everything was fair game. I wanted to be able to look back and see if perspectives really do change daily. I offer everyone a ride on this poetic rollercoaster, where life changed at the speed of a turned page.

Life is a struggle
A balancing act
Find "truths" by mixing
Some fiction with fact
To find happiness
Plod through woe and grief
Use sports and hobbies
For boredom relief
Our friendships keep
Enemies at bay
Work hard to succeed
But make time for play
Appreciate light
Because we know the black
Face sadness knowing
Smiles can bring joy back
Negatives reveal
Positives reward
Balancing the carrot
We all head towards

The readers said:
"It has everything love, sadness, sarcasm and humor...there really are so many emotions and I think she touches them all, meaning to or not! What a perfect collection of what is quite possibly her heart and soul. How special are we that she is so willing to share them. "  Kim Page
"I can open this book at any time and find new meanings to fit my own situations. This is what Smith does for me, she writes what I can't even express. She gets in my head, and I have made her a place there."  Marsha Thalleen
"Not only is 365 an engaging collection of creative art, it reads with the fascination of a diary. Each poem is a window into its day of creation, an intimate vantage point that sweeps you away into the author's world." EIEIOMommy
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