Saturday, October 6, 2018

Guest Author: David Polhemus #OurAuthorGang

Our guest today is David Polhemus

Hello Author gang,

My Name is David Polhemus and I live in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. This place has inspired me to include its powerful spirit in my books. I am 51 years young and started writing book one of my series in 2011. I am in production with Axe Amazon Audible for book two in the Mitherion series because it’s a direct continuation of Mitherion book one. 

Mitherion (Book 1) 

Completed Audiobook Cover
The book Mitherion is a small tale in a large world. It documents the story of Prometheus "Prom" and his friends Blue, Cee and Gahr. As their tale unveils we find them adventuring in the realm of Mitherion. Mitherion is a small portion of Pangaea. The supercontinent of Pangaea is a place that really existed one hundred and thirty million years ago. As the tale transpires we find the mighty warrior Prom returning to his friends through a dark and stormy night. Elsewhere, the angel Lucifer sires a child, a Nephilim named Luthisis. The plot thickens as Prom and company meet the arch-enemy of Lucifer, Magnus the first vampire who is plotting to kill Lucifer's son. Luthisis dwells in a horned tower in a vast desert in the distant south.
I am currently recording book one for the experiences and plan to have both Mitherion 1 and 2 in that format. I have learned so much more about my book from recording it and highly recommend you try it even just for the experience it creates for you and your writing.

Thanks for your time.
David Polhemus
Colorado Springs, Co

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