Friday, February 23, 2018

The Greatest Cast Never Assembled!  #OurAuthorGang

A “What If?” Scenario by Joe Bonadonna
All photos copied from Google Images and Alamay Stock Photos 

By now, most of you have read The Lord of the Rings and/or seen the Peter Jackson films. Well, the other night I watched three old Cecil B. DeMille “pictures,” as we used to call ‘em back in the day: The Sign of the Cross (1932), Cleopatra (1934), and The Crusades (1935). So I got to daydreaming . . . what if Lord of the Rings had been published sometime in the early 1930s, and Paramount Pictures gave the project to Cecil B. DeMille to direct? That would have been most interesting, to say the least! Well, I’ve assembled my cast, using many of DeMille’s “stock company” of actors and actresses, and a number of other, big name stars of that era.

For those of you who may know these names and faces, you might enjoy this on many levels. For those of you who are unfamiliar with most of these actors and actresses, and/or have never seen them in any films, I’m going to provide a number of their photos, so you can get some kind of idea of what the heck is going on inside my head!  If you love old films the way I do, then you might enjoy this little imaginary all-star cast. So let’s get silly and have some fun, shall we?

Paramount Pictures proudly presents Cecil B. DeMille’s Lord of the Rings.

Henry Wilcoxin as Aragorn
Claudette Colbert as Arwen

C. Aubrey Smith as Gandalf

Peter Lorre as Gollum/Smeagol

Charles Laughton as Bilbo

Robert Preston as Frodo

Loretta Young as Galadriel

Alan Hale, Sr as Sam Gamgee

Errol Flynn as Legolas

Thomas Mitchell as Gimli

Mischa Auer as Pippin

Leo Carillo as Merry

Claude Rains as Elrond

H.B. Warner as Denethor
Elissa Landi as Eowyn

Joseph Schildkraut as Grima Wormtongue

Ernest Thesiger as Treebeard

Dwight Frye as Chief Orc of the White Hand

Rondo Hatton as the Cave Troll

Anthony Quinn as Boromir

Caeser Romero as Faramir

Basil Rathbone as Saruman

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr as Eomer

Victor Mature as Celeborn

John Carradine as King Theoden

Special Guest Appearances By:

Boris Karloff as the Lord of the Nazgul

Lon Chaney, Jr as the King of the Dead

Bela Lugosi as the Mouth of Sauron

Screenplay by Harold Lamb.
Produced and Directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

To paraphrase the wonderful Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein: “It. Could. Have. Worked!!!!!”

So who would you have cast in these roles in an imaginary 1930s film of Lord of the Rings?

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