Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mythology and Folklore: Part 3 by Erika M Szabo #OurAuthorGang

The Sword of God

By Erika M Szabo

In the first part my mythology and Folklore blog post series I talked about the Turul bird.

The second part was about ancient beliefs and the structure of the World Tree according to Hungarian legend.

The legend of the Sword of Attila

The legend says that when Attila was a young boy his mother told him the story of an ancient sword that was forged by the Gods for the Scythian kings. When the Huns and the Magyars joined forces to defeat the Scythians, they’ve found the sword but couldn’t decide which tribe could possess the sword. The Huns wanted to move west while the Magyars wanted to remain.

After a long argument, they gave the sword to a blind man and told him to turn and spin the sword 7 times and throw it as far as he could. They decided that if the blind man would throw the sword toward West, then the Huns would possess it and take it with them.  But if the sword would be thrown toward East, then it would stay with the Magyars. As a twist of fate, when the blind man released the sword, a strong gust of wind blew and carried the sword out of sight. The Sword of God was lost to the world for a long time.

During his childhood, Attila would often hear the elders say, “Search for the sword because he who finds God’s sword will rule the world” and wished he could find the sword one day. When he was a grown man and returned to his tribe after spending years in Rome, he became the King of the Huns and his childhood wish to find the sword was fulfilled.
The legend says that one day a shepherd noticed that one of his animals was limping and bleeding. He followed the trail of blood on the ground and he found the tip of a sword sticking out of the ground. He dug it up and recognized the Sword of the Gods right away from the description of the elders. He ran to Attila and presented him with the sword. He knew that the great King, Attila, was the only one worthy to possess such power.

During the 11th century, more than 500 years after the death of Attila, Lambert of Hersfeld, a medieval chronicler, said the sword was found. It ended up in the Kunsthistorisches Museum located in Vienna and it’s still displayed there as Attila the Huns' sword.

The Sword of God in my Fantasy World

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A sudden bright light poured down from the ceiling of the cave and a 3D picture appeared before us. It seemed so real. The sacred Turul with a flaming sword descended slowly and hovered over us.

“The Sword of the Gods!” I heard Elana’s voice.

I felt a burning sensation on the side of my neck and itching under my left eye as I stared mesmerized at the lifelike image of the magnificent bird.

“Ilona!” I heard Elza’s voice, “There is a mark of the sword etched into your skin, and your birthmark has changed.” 

I was stunned and automatically froze time. I was surprised to see the group of spirits still moving, gesturing and every one of them looking at me with expectation.

“Chosen by the Sword is a great honor and also a great responsibility.” I heard Tua’s voice.

“Why was I chosen?”

“The Sword chose you because you proved that you’re worthy.”

“I’m honored, but...”

Tua ignored my protest, “You must stay in this timeline and change history. You will unite the Hunors and will be worshiped and served by the Hunor people, forever.”

I was deeply in thought for a few minutes, Worshiped? Served? This is too much! I don't belong here, want to go home. I want to be a doctor and Healer and live a normal life. I cannot do this.

Enjoy the movie with my favorite actor, Gerard Butler