Friday, June 1, 2018

Book in the Spotlight: Sha’Daa Toys #OurAuthorGang

Sha’Daa Toys

Sometimes it’s fun to play in someone else’s backyard . . . 

in this case, it's the end of the world.

Joe Bonadonna

Sha’Daa Toys, featuring “Samuel Meant Well and the Little Black Cloud of the Apocalypse,” written by Shebat Legion and Joe Bonadonna. “Poor Samuel. He meant well. But things never turned out that way. He always wanted to be a superhero and do the right thing. And then one day the Little Black Cloud of the Apocalypse came to town. But what can  he do, armed only with a doll that cries “Mama!” and constantly bites him, and a Pez dispenser filled with some very unusual candy?”

The mother of all apocalypses, The Sha’Daa, is back! The mysterious Johnny the Salesman is up to his usual eldritch tricks and his latest ally, the immortal toy seller Willy Carroll, just might have the answer to saving planet Earth from destruction if he can sell enough supernatural toys at Whirligigs toy store in Chicago to turn the tide against evil. Twenty-six authors of the macabre offer up twenty-two gruesome tales of supernatural toys in this delightful shared-world adventure. 

Sha’Daa: Toys
Created by Michael H. Hanson

Edited by Edward F. McKeown

Featured Authors:

C.J. Henderson

Michael H. Hanson

Edward F. McKeown

Arthur Sanchez

Richard Groller

Shebat Legion

Joe Bonadonna

Robby Hilliard

Beth Waggoner Patterson

Diane Arrelle

Kacey Ezell

Marisa Wolf

Larry Atchley Jr.

A.E. Atchley

Jason Cordova

Terry Maggert

Christopher L. Smith

Joseph Capdepon II

Benjamin Tyler Smith

Gustavo Bondoni

R.J. Ladon

Louis Antonelli

Bill Barnhill

Cecelia Star Kachina

Magda Jones

William Joseph Roberts

“[Sha’Daa] is an entertaining dark fantasy apocalyptic horror thrill ride!” — David J. West, Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart

“Hell. Literally, here! The Hordes of Hell are about to ride out upon mankind, the Forces of Evil are trembling with eagerness at the doors of our dimension…” — S.M. Stirling, Prometheus Award Winning Author

Sha’Daa: Toys • Michael H. Hanson’s Sha’Daa™ Series •

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For a complete list of all the Sha'Daa anthologies, please check out creator Michael H. Hanson's Amazon Author Page.

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