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The Sayings of a Character: Lisa

Blogger: Welcome to A Small Gang of Authors, Lisa. We’re all excited to learn more about you. We understand that you’re from a romantic comedy; right?

Lisa: Thank you for having me, and yes. It’s Like the Full Moon, Sayings One is a romantic comedy where I play the main female supporting role. This interview is a nice break from struggling through the sequel my author, Toi Thomas aka Glorie Townson, is currently working on.
Blogger: Why don’t you start by telling us a little more about your role in this story?

Lisa: Well, I’m BFFs with Rebecca the main character. We are total opposites but totally devoted to each other. I’m an international Business Liaison and have been accused of being a bit vain, but that’s only because I acknowledge how good I look. I work hard on my appearance and feel no shame in taking pride in it.

Blogger: What was it like for you growing up?

Lisa: Rebecca, her brother Teddy, and I all grew up in a small, upper-middle-class New England town. I wasn’t the only black kid around, but there wasn’t a lot of us. My family wasn’t very nurturing. They focused a lot on achievements and were supportive of all my academic and professional goals, but I spent most of what I consider quality time, with Becca and Teddy’s family.

Blogger: Sounds like the highs and lows of your early life helped to make you a success in one way or another. Let’s switch gears to a few fun questions.
Blogger: What's the one thing you can't live without?

Lisa: Is it bad of me to say ‘men’? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I don’t need a man. I can take care of myself quite well and I’m not the needy type, but geez- I do love to look at a fine man. It’s just too bad I had such bad taste in them for so long.

Blogger: What do you do for fun and relaxation?

Lisa: Well, I’m almost thirty and still look twenty-five, so of course I love to go clubbing. I’m young, smart, and successful. Clubbing is like being at a party you don’t have to clean up after. However, if I want to relax, I listen to soft music and sip wine.

Blogger: Do you have any scars? What are they from?
Lisa: I have a few small scars from a mountain climbing trip I took in college and a fading appendix scar, thanks to a great cream I discovered. Mostly, though, I have a lot of emotional scars from all the bad choices I’ve made and life lessons I’ve learned. I have no regrets though; they are all part of who I am now.

Blogger: If you could choose a magic power, what would it be?

Lisa: I would love to have the ability to show people that what they are doing is bad or wrong when they think they are right. I’m not talking petty stuff; I mean like, if I had been there, I would have had Hitler realize that killing all those people was clearly wrong… Sorry if I got a bit deep.

Blogger: No need to apologize, but since we’re getting a little deep, would you rather kill or die to ensure the safety of the people you care about?

Lisa: See, my problem with a question like this, is that you can only choose one option, while, in actuality, you’d like to choose both. If it would guarantee that no harm would ever come to the people I love, I’d gladly die. If, however, it only saves them for right now, I’ll kill and live to kill again another day… I really don’t want to kill or die if I don’t have to. 😉
Blogger: Sensing the passion and level of devotion you have for your loved ones, what's more important to you; to live in a world with a family who respects and nurtures you OR to live in a world where you get to experience one intensely emotional and physical romantic relationship?

Lisa: Damn, that’s a good question. It’s hard to answer for so many reasons. Becca is the sister I never had and wouldn’t easily give that up for any man, but at almost thirty I’m experiencing real love for the first time. If I had to choose, I’d flip a coin and grieve for whatever lost.

Blogger: Let’s lighten the mood slightly before we wrap things up. I know Rebecca is your BFF, but do you think you'd make a good main character; why?

Lisa: Actually, I do, and so does my author, Toi Thomas. The sequel she’s been trying to pull together will focus on me, my family, and my future, but of course, my BFF will be part of that.

Blogger: Since It’s Like the Full Moon is Sayings One in the series, what’s your favorite saying?

Lisa: Don’t know if this is a thing or not, but it suits me. “Family is blood; friendship is love”.

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